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Nonviolence News

Rivera Sun, in service of Nonviolence Now, is collecting and emailing a list of stories for Nonviolence News. If you’d like to join her email list, please connect with her directly! Here’s the most recent from March 6, 2019: These stories reflect nonviolent action and nonviolent practices, including constructive programs, alternative institutions, and policies rooted… read more

Farsi Resource Videos

مرکز صلح مِتا (Metta Center for Nonviolence) با مدیریت پروفسور مایکل ناگلر فعالیت خود را در سال 1982 در امریکا آغاز کرده است. این مرکز همواره از پیشگامان عرصه صلح در برگزاری نشست ها، کارگاهها و دوره های مرتبط با عدم خشونت، صلح درون و تغییرات اجتماعی و فرهنگی بوده است. از جمله فعالیت های… read more

Science + Nonviolence: A Seminar

We are designing a seminar on a topic that has been in my mind ever since I wrote my first book on nonviolence (1982!): science and nonviolence.  As the late Willis Harman said, “Science is the knowledge-validating system of our civilization,” and that remains true even though faith in science – and civilization! – has… read more

How Did We Get Here From There?

MARTIN LUTHER KING, whose 90th birthday would have been around now, wrote Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community? in 1967, after some hard-won successes in the struggle for the rights of Black Americans.  It is sobering to consider how far from community and close to chaos we have come. But it might… read more

Jonestown: Not Too Late to Learn

Michael Nagler asks us to learn the lessons of Jonestown by addressing our deeper needs of authentic spiritual community, and giving insight as to how to discern leadership therein.   A few years ago we had the pleasure of meeting the late, revered Narayan Desai, whose father Mahadev had been Mahatma Gandhi’s personal secretary. When… read more

Meaning of Pittsburgh

Michael Nagler offers a personal reflection on Pittsburgh, and how it is helping him to deepen his commitment to nonviolence. Yesterday’s headline in our local paper (The Santa Rosa Press Democrat) boasts PITTSBURGH MASSACRE DETAILED. We could not ask for a more eloquent reason not to let the mass media rule our thinking, as it… read more

For Courage & Unity: A Yoga Practice

Like every woman I know, I’m baffled by the Supreme Court nomination/confirmation process in the United States. I’ve run the gamut of emotions; I’ve traveled the peaks and valleys. I am, like far too many women I know, a survivor. It took me many years to be able to acknowledge it, let alone say anything… read more

My remarks at the UN

On October 2, 2018, I was invited by the Indian Mission to make some remarks at the United Nation’s International Day of Nonviolence meeting. It happened to be Gandhi’s 149th birthday. Here is my speech:  I am so pleased and honored to be sharing with you this opportunity to honor and celebrate this 149th charkha… read more

“Basic Training” for Spiritual Warriors

Image of art from Kabul graffiti artist, Kabul Knights Joanna Macy talks about three tasks needed to bring in a world of spiritual progress: create new institutions, change the culture, and stop the worst of the damage. At Metta we feel that the worst of the damage has been to the human image – who… read more