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Hosted by the Metta Center's Stephanie Van Hook and Michael Nagler, Nonviolence Radio airs every other Friday at 9:00 am PST, broadcasting live from community radio station KWMR, at 90.5 Point Reyes and syndicated via the Pacifica Network, iTunes, Spotify, and beyond. Listeners tune in from around the world.

Nonviolence Radio is a 60-minute program featuring news about nonviolence culture and movements around the world. The show also includes inspiring discussions with nonviolence practitioners and movement-builders.

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Nonviolence Radio Jan 18 2019

We’re joined by Diana Curtin, CEO of Community Matters, an incredible organization with a lot of heart and wide reach, answering the question: how do we build a culture of nonviolence within schools? Curtin highlights their expanding program: Safe School Ambassadors; and draws on a positive understanding of human nature. On the second half of… read more

NV Radio: Shashi Tyagi and NV News

We’re joined by Shashi Tyagi, internationally recognized rural development leader in Rajastan, India and founder of GRAVIS International. She shares stories of life as a student of Gandhi’s disciple, Vinoba Bhave, with an emphasis on her nonviolent practice in communities where she works. Plus our important segment: Nonviolence in the News with Michael Nagler, reviewing key nonviolent… read more

Nonviolence News and a Nonviolence FAQ

In this episode of Nonviolence Radio, we offer a heartening and inspiring round-up of Nonviolence in the News for the week, followed by a “crash course” (what’s the nonviolent equivalent of that?!) in our “Frequently Asked Questions” about nonviolence, a new show segment, with Michael Nagler and Stephanie Van Hook of the Metta Center for Nonviolence.… read more

Nonviolence Now, News, and more!

We’re joined by Kit Miller, Executive Director of the MK Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence, who catches our listeners up to speed on the Nonviolence Now! Campain. Then, a quick look at emergency preparedness and nonviolence before we turn to an in-depth look at nonviolence in the news. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple… read more

From India with Love

Mandar Apte, Executive Director of From India with Love, joins Nonviolence Radio to discuss his documentary film and transformative nonviolent programs for police officers. Plus a short segment of Nonviolence in the News with Michael Nagler. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS… read more

NV Resistance in WW2

On the 80th commemoration of Kristallnacht, Abigail Miller joins Nonviolence Radio to discuss the complexities of Jewish and non-Jewish nonviolent resistance during the Holocaust. Miller is the Director of Education and Historian in Residence at the Holocaust Museum & Center for Tolerance and Education in Suffern, NY. She is also a Ph.D. Candidate at the… read more

Consent and Nonviolence: Radio

Two guests explore the topic of consent from a variety of angles on today’s show. Irene van der Zande, founder of Kidpower and co-author of Doing Right by Our Kids, shares insights on how to train people of all ages in setting positive and healthy boundaries, and why it’s so very important for nonviolence. And Joe Worthy,… read more

Dominic Barter on Life, Justice, and Doubt

  Dominic Barter talks to Michael Nagler at Nonviolence Radio about restorative justice as a radical practice for reshaping the way we see ourselves and those around us. His work, he shares, is based not on faith, like many other of his colleagues, but on doubt. Listen in to find out why. To learn more… read more