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Hosted by the Metta Center's Stephanie Van Hook and Michael Nagler, Nonviolence Radio airs every other Friday at 9:00 am PST, broadcasting live from community radio station KWMR, at 90.5 Point Reyes and syndicated via the Pacifica Network, iTunes, Spotify, and beyond. Listeners tune in from around the world.

Nonviolence Radio is a 60-minute program featuring news about nonviolence culture and movements around the world. The show also includes inspiring discussions with nonviolence practitioners and movement-builders.

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Demystifying Shariah

Author Sumbul Ali-Karamali comes to Nonviolence Radio this week to talk about her latest book, Demystifying Shariah: What It Is, How It Works, and Why It’s Not Taking Over Our Country. Together she, Stephanie and Michael discuss the true meaning and rich history of Shariah, a term which is often profoundly misunderstood and misportrayed in… read more

Conspiracy memes as a Public Health Crisis?

Professor Ron Hirschbein, founder of the War and Peace Studies Program and the Peace Institute at Cal State Chico and Professor Amin Asfari from Wake Tech College join Michael to talk about the motives and drives that generate conspiracy theories. What are some of the deeper causes that lie behind recent attacks on Jewish and… read more

Toward an Earth-Based Economy

Renowned activist Winona LaDuke reflects on the power of an earth-based economics in a moment on our planet that is known in indigenous circles as ‘the time of the seventh fire.’ She asks the question, what are YOU going to do right now to heal our relationships with life, and are you going to choose… read more

NV Report July 31

Michael Nagler with the Nonviolence Report. Covering principles and strategies of nonviolence across the movement! Transcript here. In this episode — The Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence. Gandhi Research Foundation. Single mothers in Philadelphia are taking over abandoned public buildings. Indigenous Women’s Divestment Delegation Pushes Deutsche Bank for Fossil Fuel Divestment Amidst Pipeline Shutdowns,… read more

Courageous Conversations & Actions

“If racism is a way of life for some; activism has to be the way of life for the rest of us.”  ~Amisha Harding. We talk with Atlanta-based activist Amisha Harding about transforming grief and trauma with connection and nonviolent action and her organization, Courageous Conversations for the Collective. Then we hear from two participants… read more

Free Trip to Egypt

If someone offered you a free trip to Egypt, would you go? Would you be afraid? Tarek Mounib made this offer to Americans struggling with deep cultural biases, and documented their transformation experiences in Free Trip to Egypt. He joined Nonviolence Radio to talk about the work of healing divides. Then we turn to a… read more

building bridges and belonging

On this episode of Nonviolence Radio we share a timely talk on building bridges from john a. powell, director of UC Berkeley’s Otherness and Belonging Institute (formerly: Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society) from the 2019 Otherness and Belonging conference. Introducing him is Tony Iton from the California Endowment.  Michael Nagler, UC Berkeley… read more

The Poor People’s Campaign

The Poor People’s Campaign is a “national call for a moral revival.” Learn more about their work, their co-founder, Reverend William Barber, and the upcoming digital March on Washington on this show. Included in this show is the Nonviolence Report with Michael Nagler. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS… read more