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Lessons from My Grandfather – Podcast

Is anger a problem or a power? Nonviolence Radio speaks with Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, about nonviolence, anger, and lessons from his grandfather with a contemporary lens. Plus catch up with Michael Nagler’s inspiring and informative segment, Nonviolence in the News. See this page for a partial transcript and links from Nonviolence in the… read more

“An evening exercise from Gandhi”–Daily Metta

April 20 “We cannot command results; we can only strive.” –Gandhi (Young India, 1-8-1925, pp. 15-16) Striving in nonviolence is hard work, and we all need encouragement. But homework? You got it. Gandhi gave his grandson Arun homework to help him gain the inner strength he needed to keep on striving. He counseled Arun to keep a large sheet… read more