Gandhi for Beginners

The following talks with Professor Michael Nagler are an offering to supplement your learning from our other materials, including Gandhi Searches for Truth. For a Daily Thought inspired by Gandhi, visit this page. If you have any questions about any of the materials, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


1. I do dimly perceive…

2. Are we waiting on another Gandhi?

3. Who was Gandhi? (on his spirituality)

4. on Satyagraha: an in-depth introduction

5. On Truth

6. What is Ahimsa?

7. What is an “ashram” and what significance did ashrams bear on Gandis’s work?

8. Power from within: Bramacharya and its meaning

9. “We must never lose our faith in humanity.”

10. Inner Strength: Cultivating Fearlessness

11. Gandhi as a Leader

12. Comments on Attenborough’s film, Gandhi

13. What was Gandhi really able to accomplish?

14. On Gandhi’s relationship with his family

15. What is Karma Yoga?

16. Gandhi’s Birthday and the international day of Nonviolence

17. Who Inspired Gandhi?

18. What is Swaraj?

19. Hind Swaraj

20. What is a Shanti Sena?

21. Gandhi and the New Paradigm

23. Gandhi and the Economy

24. Gandhi and Fasting