Webcasts of PACS 164-A, B & C

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Introduction to Nonviolence (164 A) and Nonviolence Today (164 B), were recorded and webcast in 2006/2007 at the University of California at Berkeley, within the Peace and Conflict Studies program (PACS) founded by Prof. Michael Nagler, Metta Center’s founder and president.

Prof. Nagler often refers to the “readers.” The links you see below are the readers (PDFs), excellent complementary material to the courses and to our education on nonviolence. Please note that the files sizes are somewhat large and could take a little while to download (as Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, the nonviolent soldier of Islam, said: “If I could summarize nonviolence in one word, it would be: Patience.”).

Note: We are currently working on an abridged version of the lectures and would appreciate your input on the parts you find most meaningful. We’d love to hear from you!

Introduction to Nonviolence (PACS 164 A)

Gandhiji's Salt March

Course Webcast (YouTube)


Section I: Background and General Principles.
Syllabus (2.6 MB)
a) A conceptual framework for nonviolence (10.5 MB)
b) ‘Science’ and ‘History’ 1 of 2 (13.4 MB);
2 of 2 (9.9 MB)
c) A new/old alternative: basic ideas of the Vedanta (1.9 MB)

Section II: The Story Unfolds.
a) South Africa (11.5 MB)
b) India (5 MB)

Section III: The Western Experience of Nonviolence(8.6 MB)

Section IV: The Legacy(18.6 MB)
Mahatma Gandhi a Biography by B.R. Nanda (a very valuable book that is out of print)
1 of 2 (17.7 MB)
2 of 2 (17.7 MB)

Nonviolence Today (PACS 164 B)

Gandhiji's Salt March

Course Webcast (YouTube)

Part 1: Syllabus, Other Resources and Introduction (1.2 MB)

Part 2: Freedom Struggles; Nonviolent Insurrection (2.5 MB)

Part 3: Anti-militarism and Related Struggles (6 MB)

Part 4: “Globalization from Below” (3.5 MB)

Part 5: Toward a Nonviolent Culture 1 of 2 (4.5 MB);
2 of 2 (5.4 MB)