Learn at Your Own Pace

We are willing to work with individuals and groups who would like to receive recognition (e.g. course credit, certification) for completing study at the Metta Center. Please contact us about creating your personalized self-study program.

I. Introducing Nonviolence

Nonviolence Courses: Check out our online school

Nonviolence for Beginners: audio series

Person Power: audio

Constructive Program: audio

Satyagraha: audio

II. Peace and Conflict Studies: Webcasts

Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS) 164 A and B (taught by Michael Nagler at UC Berkeley) 

PACS 164 C (taught by Michael Nagler at Metta Center)

III. Other Resources and Talks:

Understanding the Legacy of Dr. King

Gandhi for Beginners: Audio

Nonviolence and Restorative Justice: In-depth Exploration

Three-Video Seminar: Nonviolence & the Meaning of Life

Nonviolence Lab: Meditation

Resources on the Science of Nonviolence 

Resources on the History of Nonviolence 

IV. Films/Media About Nonviolence:

This database from the Peace and Justice Studies Association

City of Refuge: Podcast Series About a French Village’s Resistance to Nazi Occupation

V. Nonviolent Action

Global Nonviolent Action Database

Nonviolence International Database

Beautiful Trouble