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Pancho’s satyagraha

Dear Metta Family, Beloved Berkeley activist and dear member of the Metta family, Pancho Ramos-Stierle, has been arrested and jailed in Arizona in a direct action against Maricopa County sheriff Joseph Arpaio. Here is the text from a friend in AZ recounting what happened: Greetings fellow travelers, I wanted to let you know that our… read more

Hope Tank – Aug 10, 2010 – Back from Arizona

Pancho shares stories from his experiences in the immigration struggle in Arizona… how can we scale and adapt these lessons to other parts of the movement? (click here for a photo of the diagram that Pancho was drawing on the whiteboard.) [audio:2010_0810_HT.mp3]… read more

Question: I am a senior at Institut Le Rosey in Switzerland and I have watched some of your webcasts (PACS 164A mainly) and they were really helpful to me in writing my Extended Essay (for the IB program), which is a case study of the Zapatista people in Mexico, and the importance of positive energy… read more

Spies to Undermine Movements: Love over Fear.

After I got an email, which was sent to a listserv, from a graduate student at the University of California at Berkeley with the subject: Students as Spies: The Deep Politics of U.S.-Colombian Relations, I wrote this (edited)message, with the very valuable input from a few satyagrahis, and sent it to some students and workers… read more

Hope Tank #16 – Whose University? Transforming Public Education

Michael, Pancho and Shannon discuss the recent student demonstrations at the University of California. Erika says nothing at all, which as it turns out is easily explained by an obscure Sanskrit text on linguistics. [audio:2009_1127_HopeTank16.mp3] Recorded November 27, 2009… read more

The ‘Real’ 9/11: a Celebration

Some of you may know that this is the 103rd anniversary of the birth of [[Satyagraha]]: September 11th, 1906 at the Empire Jewish Theater in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Not the birth of the principle, which as Gandhi said was already ‘as old as the hills,’ but the launching of his mighty ‘experiments with Truth’ —… read more

The Adventure that is Metta

by Michael Nagler One of the things we’ve been saying and hearing about us lately is that what we are is as significant as what we do. Not that we’d find it easy to define what we are as a group; but it’s worth a try because the way people are forming new associations today… read more

Slow Down, Slow Science

The Challenge of Education for a New Generation: Converting Swords into Plowshares “Where ignorance is your master, there is no possibility of peace.” The XIV Dalai Lama.   The scientific contributions of Albert Einstein and Richard Feynman were fundamental for the construction of the atomic bomb. Today, their reflections on the subject are also fundamental… read more