Roadmap Compass

Where do you find yourself in the “Great Turning” to a nonviolent world?

The time has come for those of us who are working on one issue or another – or who have not yet gotten engaged in any issue – to join hearts and minds into a diverse but united movement. To help us do this we at Metta have created Roadmap and its Compass – the interactive tool that you’ve just landed on. Here you will find a portal that brings you to resources, a lively conversation with like-minded folks, and above all a way to get connected with them.
A very important development to come out of those conversations will be the ideas and principles for a long-term strategy. In the coming months we (Metta) will harvest those ideas and all of us together can come up with a sketch of that strategy and begin putting it into action.
  • Roadmap is a model that displays the inherent connection among the many social actions moving us toward a new world of peace and justice, and a set of tools that enable participants to connect with each other, find needed resources, etc.
  • Why Roadmap? Every social movement needs to have two things: strategy and unity. Roadmap is a framework that can help today’s many movements, organizations, and projects to develop both.
  • Roadmap tools will enable participants to learn more about some of the sophisticated methods used by today’s nonviolent activists, form community with others working on the same issue, participate in the creation of a Grand Strategy, and much more.
  • The Roadmap model and some sign-up options are available right here; when the new web-based tool called “Compass” comes online (in spring, 2013), it will offer educational resources, networking tools, and more.