Nonviolence Resources

Much of what we do at Metta is create educational and informational resources to help promote awareness of Nonviolence in the world.  In addition to our formal publications, we also have many free resources that you can use in classrooms, trainings, or for self study.  These resources are the result of volunteer work, professional partnerships, and research fellowships.

Nonviolence Wallet Card

Print it, fold it, and carry nonviolent wisdom everywhere you go!


German Wallet Card                 Korean Wallet Card               French Wallet Card         Spanish Wallet Card

(tr. by Marion Klueber )       (tr. by Duck Kyu Yun)        (Tr. by Sandrine DeBruyne)      (tr. by Tabitha Cruz)

 Hebrew Wallet Card

(tr. by Tal Palter and Har’el Chernis)

Nonviolence Bibliography

Here is a list of non-Metta Resources to help you deepen your understanding of Nonviolence:



Classroom Resources

Coming Soon! The Power Within, an educational curriculum done in partnership with Metta World Peace (the basketball player) is a workbook and series of videos developed for use in middle and high school classrooms.

Power within


Education Resources

More of our education based resources can be found here!


Peace Profiles

Great for integrating nonviolence directly into an American History curriculum, have students read about famous nonviolence activists through history:

Sojourner Truth: Known for “ar’n’t I a woman” speech (which she probably never said) Sojourner was a titan of a woman and lifelong nonviolence practitioner. This lesson includes focus questions and an exercise to help students learn about point of view.

 Audio Talks

The following is the transcript of one of our audio talks on Constructive program:

Talks on Constructive Programme 

The Audio can be found here, in our self- study section.

Audio talks on Person Power can be found here.

Audio talks on Satyagraha, or nonviolent resistance, can be found here.

Study Guide for Search for a Nonviolent Future

Michael Nagler’s classic work, based on a lifetime’s worth of research on King, Gandhi, and various nonviolent movements through history, is the foundation for any study of nonviolence at the Metta Center.  To keep you engaged as you read the text, we have a comprehensive study guide.  To purchase a copy of Search, we have you covered!

Study Guide