Permaculture and Nonviolence – Podcast

To paraphrase Mahatma Gandhi, a seeker of nonviolence cannot keep out of any area of life; you’re going to find yourself navigating all the paths that humans have created to sustain our life on earth either directly or indirectly because all systems and forms of life are interrelated. We’re going to find the principles of nonviolence in economics, politics, and even agriculture. We want to make these systems regenerative and life-giving, working with nature, not against it.


Enter permaculture.


With our guest Matt Powers of ThePermacultureStudent.Com, we explore some of the ways that permaculture is the expression of nonviolent principles in nature that empowers practical and effective solutions to some of the world’s most urgent crises, like climate change, and transforms the way we see humanity’s promise in the process. 


Part two of the show is Michael Nagler’s informative segment, Nonviolence in the News. Find the latest news and analysis from the world of nonviolence to break through the wall of violence presented by the corporat mass-media! See this page for a partial transcript and links from Nonviolence in the News. If you have trouble with the player click here to download.