Nonviolent Action in Charlottesville – Podcast

Reporting on Charlottesville from the angle of nonviolence, Michael and Stephanie weave a story from the ground that you won’t find on your average political and media outlets. First, David Potter from Sojourners, a media group that “articulates the biblical call to justice,” recalls his experience as he followed a clergy group that demonstrated against racism at the recent “Unite the Right” demonstration in Charlottesville. Then Michael and Stephanie weigh in on nonviolence in Charlottesville, and a caller asks, “Is it ever okay to punch a Nazi?” Finally, Sheri Wander of Meta Peace Team tells stories from the group’s experience with White Supremacists in Charlottesville and beyond.

After the discussions, Michael updates us on news from around the country and world – the kind you’re not gonna find in the mainstream media – in Nonviolence in the News.

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