Would you like the Metta Center to offer a training, webinar, or workshop? We’re happy to help. Please be in touch. 

Metta’s Current eCourse Offerings:


30 Days of Nonviolence: This self-guided course is to take your nonviolence to a deeper level with reflections and practices for your mind, body, and spirit. No prior study in nonviolence required.


Certificate in Nonviolence Studies: This is an in-depth six-month online certification program in nonviolence led by Dr. Michael Nagler and the Metta Center team. This year’s program will run from May 2- October 2. Registration closed. Stay tuned for our next offering. 


Six Week Leadership Intensive in Nonviolence:  Our Leadership Intensive in Nonviolence is a six-week program for Petaluma youth created to educate and train local youth leaders to face personal and societal conflict with practical life-and community-affirming skills. We also aim to prepare students to find more opportunities for training and higher education in areas explored during the program. Summer Program. Applications currently being accepted. 


Tools and Principles of Nonviolence: In an interactive and engaging setting, participants will be introduced to theory, science, and practice of nonviolence with the emphasis on its practical tools for resolving our toughest challenges at home, in the workplace, in our community, and our world at large, and be given resources for further learning and on-going support.

Constructive Dialogue Workshop: Learn some key principles and a simple practice that helps create understanding and empathy among people regardless of their differences. Structural attributes of the Empathy Circle practice ensure that each person has the opportunity to speak and be heard to their satisfaction. This process can enhance understanding and connection within personal relationships, families, workplaces, communities, and across groups.

Harnessing Power as a Community: Building community is more than getting to know our neighbors–it is about building our power together to be a force for security, safety, care, and healing transformation when necessary, as well as learning how to work with those with whom we may have serious differences in the interest of the integrity of the whole. Participants will gain tools and support for: understanding and transforming conflict through nonviolence; visualizing shared security and what it will take; and co-creating a transformative strategy for community power.