Would you like the Metta Center to give a talk, offer a training, webinar, or workshop? We’re happy to help. Please be in touch. 

Metta’s Current eCourse Offerings:


30 Days of Nonviolence: This self-guided course is to take your nonviolence to a deeper level with reflections and practices for your mind, body, and spirit. No prior study in nonviolence required.

Peacemaker Family:  This course is based on readings and activities that strengthen the bonds between family members. This is for any family who wants to deepen their strength and capacity for becoming a force for goodness in our world today!


Six Week Leadership Intensive in Nonviolence:  Our Leadership Intensive in Nonviolence is a six-week program for Petaluma youth created to educate and train local youth leaders to face personal and societal conflict with practical life-and community-affirming skills. We also aim to prepare students to find more opportunities for training and higher education in areas explored during the program. Summer Program.


The Metta Center offers workshops on topics related to nonviolence and its practice for all ages. Please contact us if you are interested in inviting the Metta Center to present a workshop.