Whether you’d like to take your Nonviolence education to the next level or are just ready to dip your toes in the water, we have a wide range of programs available for you to explore.

Would you like the Metta Center to give a talk, offer a training, webinar, or workshop? We’re happy to help. Please be in touch. 

2021 Certificate Program in Nonviolence Studies

Our popular certificate program will take place between June 13 and December of 2021. This year’s program will combine three stand-alone courses, The Path of Nonviolence; Alternate Cosmologies: NV, Feminism, and (self)Transformation; and Nonviolent Peace Teams and Skills (a short seminar and workshop); in addition to the requirement of a final project to integrate the material. Registration is limited to 30 participants.

Nonviolence Radio:

Join us for a live radio program that covers nonviolence from all angles, including the Nonviolence Report with Michael Nagler, every other Friday at 9 am PST out of KWMR, Point Reyes Station. Sign up for our newsletter to receive the podcast and transcript of the show a few days after it is broadcast. Find us on iTunes, Spotify, and Pacifica’s Audioport (for syndication purposes). Hosted by Stephanie Van Hook and Michael Nagler.

Hope Tank:

Every Friday from 9:30-11 am on Zoom, we host a discussion about nonviolent strategy, principles, and constructive power. This is more than a conversation about “what brings us hope.” It’s about exploring how nonviolence can bring about the personal and societal changes needed for a world that works for everyone. We invite you to join us!

During the week we keep the conversation flowing in our Slack space. Join us here!

Cosmic Peaceforce-Mission Harmony 3:

This is a cooperative board game. In this game, we are members of a Cosmic Peaceforce and our goal is to reach Harmony 3 together. If you’re new to nonviolence, this game will serve as a way into some key nonviolence ideals; and for others, this is a tool for community and skill-building! Ideal for people who have already taken one of Metta’s courses, but that’s not required to have a lot of fun.

Our Sacred Humanity, A Self-Paced Nonviolence Retreat

These are volatile times. Each and every one of us is a vital part of this shift into a more peaceful world. Want to amplify your contribution to this process? Add these philosophical tools to your toolkit so that you can deepen your understanding of nonviolence and effectively apply it to your everyday life.

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30 Days of Nonviolence

Feeling overwhelmed with your busy life and unsure of how to fit deepening your nonviolence practice into your day-to-day? Explore a new nonviolence principle every day through this practical course. You’ll find that when it’s broken down it can be a little more manageable, and you’ll be amazed by how many opportunities arise every day to practice!

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Nonviolence 101: Crash Course for Educators

This course is crafted specifically for educators who want to give their students the tools they need to grow into active peacebuilders. We include downloadable lesson plans so that you can easily dive into the Nonviolence learning journey with your students in the near future!

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Nonviolence & the New Humanity: a Training Course in 5 Animations

This training shows you a world that’s possible and how to get there through fun and engaging videos. You’ll see how big of a role nonviolence plays in creating harmony in your life and around the globe.

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Peacemaker Family

Crafted with care to empower families, this flexible course will invite your whole family to explore nonviolence together in a relaxed, creative, and fun way so that you can start building a more peaceful world. This program is suitable for children as young as 3.

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New Publications:

The Third Harmony- Nonviolence and the New Story: A new book by Michael Nagler (Berrett-Koehler, March, 2020).

The Third Harmony-Film: A documentary film on the power of nonviolence.

Nonviolence Daily: 356 Days of Inspiration from Gandhi: A new book by Stephanie Van Hook and Michael Nagler (Person Power Press, February, 2020)

Are you an educator? Visit our site Educators for Nonviolence for courses and resources to support your practice of nonviolence in schools.

Internships available: Please contact us at for more information.