Here you will find information about our mission and how it is expressed through our most current major projects, including links to our online course offerings.

Would you like the Metta Center to give a talk, offer a training, webinar, or workshop? We’re happy to help. Please be in touch. 

The human image is at an all-time low and the Metta Center’s work is dedicated to raising it by emphasizing the power of nonviolence that each one of us can cultivate in ourselves. This is what we are calling the “third harmony,” distinct from the first harmony, which is with our cosmos and the second harmony, which is with the earth and each other.

Cosmic Peaceforce-Mission Harmony 3: This is a cooperative board game based on Metta’s Roadmap. In this game, we are members of a Cosmic Peaceforce and our goal is to reach the lotus of the heart before it loses its last petal and the Disharmony Yuga prevails. If you’re new to nonviolence, this game will serve as a way into some key nonviolence ideals; and for others, this is a tool for community and skill-building! Ideal for folks who have already taken one of Metta’s courses, but that’s not required to have a lot of fun.

The Third Harmony- Nonviolence and the New Story: A new book by Michael Nagler (Berrett-Koehler, March, 2020)

The Third Harmony-Film: A documentary film on the power of nonviolence. More to come!

Online, Self-Paced Courses:

Nonviolence and the New Humanity: Maybe you’ve been wondering what role nonviolence can play in shaping our shared human story, not to mention our social institutions. If so, we’ve created this simple and engaging training especially for you, with special emphasis to help you manage tough conversations.

30 Days of Nonviolence: This self-guided course is to take your nonviolence to a deeper level with reflections and practices for your mind, body, and spirit. No prior study in nonviolence required.

Peacemaker Family:  This course is based on readings and activities that strengthen the bonds between family members. This is for any family who wants to deepen their strength and capacity for becoming a force for goodness in our world today!

Please visit our online classroom for all current offerings.

Are you an educator? Visit our site Educators for Nonviolence for courses and resources to support your practice of nonviolence in schools.

Summer internships available: We offer internships for Petaluma youth in an effort to educate and train local youth leaders to face personal and societal conflict with practical life-and community-affirming skills, and get hands-on nonprofit work experience.