Would you like the Metta Center to offer a training, webinar, or workshop? We’re happy to help. Please be in touch. 

Metta’s Current eCourse Offerings:


Certificate in Nonviolence Studies: This is an in-depth six-month online certification program in nonviolence led by Dr. Michael Nagler and the Metta Center team. This year’s program will run from May 2- October 2. Registration now open.



Intro to Roadmap- For Unity, Strategy, and Nonviolent Power:   This self-paced course is intended to familiarize you with core concepts from the Metta Center’s Roadmap model, and to help you find your place within the Roadmap. Each course section includes related resources, plus you can share ideas in the discussion forum. Sign up at any time.



Six Week Leadership Intensive in Nonviolence:  Our Leadership Intensive in Nonviolence is a six-week program for Petaluma youth created to educate and train local youth leaders to face personal and societal conflict with practical life-and community-affirming skills. We also aim to prepare students to find more opportunities for training and higher education in areas explored during the program. Receiving applications for this program until April 15, 2018. Program begins June 15.