Peace Paradigm Radio, September 6: building a movement to end all war

In this show, the team at the Metta Center is joined by Shreshta Singh for Daily Inspiration; Inotowok Mominguarpok for “around the movement news” (this week about Pelican Bay State Prison); and Michael Nagler explores nonviolence in the news with an emphasis on the Syrian crisis as well as an interview with  Nicholas Sismil about his time in the movement on Jeju Island.

The second portion of the show is an interview with David Hartsough, director of Peaceworkers ( and co-founder of the Nonviolent Peaceforce ( about his vision of a movement to end all war. To contact David about getting involved in his vision for ending all war, please write to


Listen to PPR for September 6, 2013 by  clicking this link or clicking on the grey arrow below. (If you right click on the link you can download the talk to your computer and listen on-the-go.)


For the second segment only with David Hartsough, click here or listen below.