Nonviolence and the Cosmic Picture

Dr. Jude Currivan — cosmologist, futurist, planetary healer and author of the new book, The Cosmic Hologram — is this week’s guest on Nonviolence Radio, and she ‘illuminates’ for listeners (and readers) a new perspective from which to understand the cosmos. This perspective captures the essential unity that permeates every level of existence, from the atomic, to the personal, to the galactic. With Michael, she traces the idea of cosmic unity back to ancient spiritual traditions and then returns to modern science, which is now (re)discovering the same wisdom.

The meaning and unity that is the foundation of all being impacts not only scientists and scholars, but each of us in our everyday lives, “We are waking up,” Dr. Currivan says, “to literally remembering that we are inseparable. One of the things with that though is the emphasis on unity-in-diversity — because unity is not about uniformity. It’s this incredible gorgeous, wonderful radical diversity of expression.”

Understanding that each of us is a unique expression of a bigger oneness or whole can explain the grounded and joyous feeling of loving and being loved, it can help to motivate our meditation practice, and perhaps most importantly, it can fuel our desire to work — nonviolently — to improve and transform the world. 

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