Nonviolence in Action: Meta Peace Teams – Podcast




Peace Teams: Bring them to your local community gathering or start one yourself with a group of dedicated friends…

What is a peace team and how does it work? This week on Peace Paradigm Radio, Mary Hanna and  Peter Dougherty discuss Meta Peace Teams; how they started, what they do, and how peace teams can help in this time of high tension in society (In the picture, you see the Minnesota Peace Team doing its important work at the 2008 Republican National Convention. Hint: is it time to invite one to the DNC and RNC this year? We think so…)

They tell Michael and Stephanie some amazing success stories and also give an overview of what peace team training looks like. Following the interview, Michael Nagler and Stephanie Van Hook share news, resources, insights, and conversations in Nonviolence in the News. Don’t miss it!

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