The Third Harmony: World Premiere

SEPT 8-12, 2020

Documentary | 2020 | 43 min | Directed by Michael Nagler


Nonviolence is humanity’s greatest (and most overlooked) resource; it lives within each of us as a powerful force for healing and change. Surveying some of the greatest minds in nonviolence, THE THIRD HARMONY shares newly discovered science and statistics backing the spiritual practice that opens the true potential of this underutilized approach to lasting change. Nonviolence is not only essential to the continuation of human progress; it is the very foundation for a meaningful human life on planet Earth — and it can be cultivated within each one of us. This is the New Story of Humanity. Are you ready for change?

REEL HEALING: Exploring Nonviolence as A State of Being
How do we transform anger, fear and frustration into creativity, peace, and calm? Nonviolence teacher, author and activist Michael Nagler, joins forces with a powerful spiritual practitioner to offer us an experience of nonviolence that we can use every day to transform our lives.

PANEL DISCUSSION: Gandhi, MLK, Mandela & Beyond: Is Nonviolence Evolving?
Sept 10, 2020 @ 5:30pm PT / 8:30pm EDT

How can we be guided by these pillars of nonviolence in the face of the pandemic, BLM, the election and #MeToo? Is the Nonviolence movement evolving? WIth panelists:

  • Rajmohan Gandhi (grandson of Mahatma Gandhi)
  • Erica Chenoweth (Harvard Kennedy School)
  • Clayborne Carson (MLK Institute, Stanford)
  • Michael Nagler (director of The Third Harmony, Metta Center for Nonviolence)

Ticket includes film, panel & Reel Healing
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