Party with a Purpose

Celebrate Nonviolence. Build Community.


What is a Party with a Purpose?

The Metta Center is calling on its friends and supporters to help more people learn about the good work Metta is doing. We are asking friends to throw a party (or host a dinner, a film, a discussion, anything you want), and give Metta the floor for about 20 minutes to talk about nonviolence and the work that we do to promote nonviolence worldwide.

You can have a donation hat available for people to donate to Metta’s work. So, it’s a PARTY, but with a purpose: supporting a great organization in our efforts to make new friends and spread the message of nonviolence more widely. It might even bring you closer to your friends. Besides, parties are always MORE fun when we get to have the satisfaction of being together and uplifting an organization we care about.

Image: Gandhi harvesting salt during the Salt Campaign of 1930. This was certainly in the spirit of a Party with a Purpose, don’t you agree?

How does someone host a Party with a Purpose?

There is no one way of hosting a Party with a Purpose, but we can offer some of the following ideas and suggestions. All parties will be coordinated with the support of the Metta Team, not to worry!

  • Simple: bring together friends for a potluck meal, some music, conversation, and general merry-making. In your invitation message, mention that there will be a short presentation about the Metta Center for Nonviolence.
  • Turn a birthday event into a Party with a Purpose.
  • Host a movie showing of your favorite movie about social justice and nonviolence. Have popcorn, drinks, and PJs. And include a preview of Metta’s upcoming film on nonviolence.
  • Host a brunch and talk about what brings you hope.
  • Do activism.
  • Listen to our latest episode of Nonviolence Radio.
  • Or just host a dance party…
  • Get creative!

Who is invited to a Party with a Purpose?

You invite your friends, just like any party you would throw. It can be a small group of close friends or a larger group of friends you want to spend time with and get to know better.

What kind of support can the Metta Center team offer?

We can: offer ideas about what kind of party might be fun for you to host; think creatively about what kind of presentation you would like the Metta Center to make; help prepare outreach materials for you; and share any Metta Center supplies you might like to make available.


For more info and support, please get in touch with Stephanie Van Hook, our Executive Director.


Phone: (707) 774-6299