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xxxNonviolent movements have been expanding at an accelerating rate since the days of Gandhi and King.

The living history of nonviolence is emerging constantly, and we shall endeavor to keep you in touch with these developments on this Blog!

Mexican Activist Pietro Ameglio & More – Podcast

Photo: A mother holding up a sheet with the missing students’ photos.  In this episode of Peace Paradigm Radio you will hear an inspiring piece on nonviolent direct action and interfaith organizing from Ken Butigan of Pace e Bene and Campaign Nonviolence. You will meet Mercedes Mack, Metta intern, writer and researcher on the history of… read more

The Great Debaters

By: Mercedes Mack “Who is the judge?” “The judge is God.” “Why is He God?” “Because He decides who wins or loses. Not my opponent.” “Who is your opponent?” “He does not exist.” “Why does he not exist?” “Because he is a mere dissenting voice of the truth I speak!”   c. 2007, Directed by… read more

A Family Effort in the Empire Zinc Corporation Miner’s Strike.

By: Mercedes Mack A scene from Salt of the Earth. On October 17, 1950, in Hanover, New Mexico, workers at the Empire Zinc mine finished their shifts, formed a picket line, and began a fifteen-month strike after attempts at union negotiation with the company reached an impasse. Miner demands included: equal pay to their White… read more

Revolution on Granite

By: Mercedes Mack In 1989, students in Kiev, Ukraine, had had enough of Soviet occupation and politics. Two student groups, the Student Brotherhood (March 1989) and later the Ukrainian Students Union (December 1989) formed a coalition against Soviet influence. Initially, student groups staged protests and strikes in response to concerns regarding higher education-abolish compulsory courses… read more

Living Downwind, Rallying Upwind – Podcast

By Mercedes Mack Learn how the Clean Air Coalition of New York, a small grassroots organization fighting to bring the J.D. Tonawanda Coke plant to justice for pollution, did just that. In a small town of Tonawanda in New York State, a protest held days before made the Oct 11, 2009 front page of their… read more

Peace Profile: Malala, a Heroine Resurrected

by: Pallavi Vishwanath   Video: Malala Day video tells the #StrongerThan story through children’s voices  Many people in history have been met by violence due to their courage.  Not many, though, are 15. And only one received the Nobel Prize for Peace two years later!  Malala Yousafazai is not your typical teenage girl. She hails from… read more

Not Just Umbrellas

The Umbrella Revolution By Mercedes Mack Some historical and strategic nonviolent context of what is now called the Umbrella Revolution-Hong Kong’s demand for democracy.   Outside government headquarters, a protestor raised a sign reading “Occupy Central” Brief History of Democratization Demands in Hong Kong Protests in Hong Kong have been occurring on and off since… read more