The Practical Idealist May 18

“Nonviolence is not an easy thing to understand, still less to practice.”-–Gandhi (Young India, February 7, 1929) Dear friends, Please find our latest issue of the Practical Idealist at this link with resources, courses, a podcast, and concrete inspiration for your practice of nonviolence! We send a new email every two weeks so make sure… read more

Setbacks Into Victories: Newsletter

Last Friday was the 125th anniversary of the fateful night, June 8, 1893, when Mohandas K. Gandhi, a then-fledgling lawyer, was thrown off a train to Pretoria at Pietermaritzburg for traveling in a first-class carriage reserved for “whites.” How did Gandhi perceive this humiliating setback? And how did it change the course of his life… read more

It’s About Liberation: Newsletter

The very foundation of yoga is nonviolence, as we note in our latest newsletter. And yet, where is the nonviolence in all the yoga-ish ads and selfies we see out there? Largely missing. We’re folding yoga-based practices into our Certificate in Nonviolence Studies course, which is currently under way. Kimberlyn David, who’s creating these practices,… read more

Moms Are Vital to Peacemaking: Newsletter

Taylor Anderson-Stevenson, our Partnership Catalyst and a mother, writes in her introduction to our latest newsletter: This past Sunday, many of us celebrated Mother’s Day. It’s the one day of the year that women are recognized for giving birth, raising children, and taking care of others. Too often, the contributions of mothers are erased or… read more