Thankfulness: Newsletter

What are you thankful for? Gratitude is on our minds. So for this week’s newsletter introduction, our Partnership Catalyst expresses her thankfulness. You’ll also find links to Nonviolence Radio show and other resources. Did you know that we can provide nonviolence trainings for elementary school kids? Learn more about that too. Read the November 15,… read more

The Human Heart & Spirit: Newsletter

The Metta Center was amidst the recent Northern California fires. While news broadcasted the tragic loss of dozens of lives and thousands of homes, something entirely different was afoot that didn’t get so much attention: Our community came together in ways that were awe-inspiring and a confirmation of the deep humanity that resides with us.… read more

How We See: Newsletter

The Metta Center team has started exploring questions related to nonviolence every week. We take turns with the question-asking; whoever feels called to pose a question puts one out there. Some questions relate to personal circumstances, while others pertain to views about nonviolence in our broader culture. What’s on our minds and in our hearts:… read more

Honoring Pain + Willpower: Newsletter

Our latest newsletter reflects on two contrasting events from October 2: Gandhi’s birthday and the horrible tragedy in Las Vegas. What we feel compelled to say: We can act in ways that express our love for each other and this land. We can continue the constructive work of building a more peaceful, nonviolent world, one… read more

Movement Momentum: Newsletter

It’s no surprise that at times like this the Metta Center should be called on, resorted to, and consulted with more and more; and that’s at least one silver lining to the dark clouds on our political horizon, even as the world celebrates the International Day of Peace on September 21. In this week’s newsletter,… read more

Nonviolence Values: Newsletter

“Knowledge is like a river,” said Sri Mata Amritanandamayi. “Its nature is to constantly flow. Wherever it can flow, it does so, nourishing culture. On the other hand, the same knowledge, if devoid of values becomes a source of destruction for the world.” Nonviolence values are a constructive force. So in this week’s newsletter, we… read more

Learning Nonviolence: Newsletter

Recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia—and many other events before and since the 2016 elections in the US—make it clear that creating a culture of nonviolence requires learning the knowledge, skills, and practices that support it. That learning can happen right now, in two key areas of daily life: our schools and our homes. The Educators… read more

Nature & Human Purpose: Newsletter

Mullein, a “weed” whose seeds can lay dormant for over 100 years knows its purpose. These plants break up dry soil, their taproots mining nutrients that feed other plant life. Their tall seed heads produce 100,000 to 180,000 seeds, sustaining birds. Mullein live for 2 years, leaving behind mineral-rich matter. What about our purpose? Find… read more

Reclaiming Democracy: Newsletter

Bringing Back Democracy What’s the underlying belief about human nature that’s making the erosion of democracy possible, and how can we repair it? That’s a question we ought to be asking. “Tyranny feeds on the belief that we are separate from one another,” writes Michael Nagler in his intro. “Democracy, and its signal feature of… read more