Media for Nonviolence

Here are just a few powerful resources we recommend as you tune into more nonviolence in our media.


Nonviolence Radio 

*Nonviolence Radio includes an interview on a topic about nonviolence and the Nonviolence Report (news and analysis) every two weeks.

Clearing the Fog Radio

Love and Revolution Radio

News Analysis- Written

Metta’s Opinion- The Metta Center for Nonviolence

Waging Nonviolence 

Rivera Sun’s Weekly Nonviolence News Round-Up

Popular Resistance

Minds of the Movement- International Center for Nonviolent Conflict

Transformation (At Open Democracy)

YES! Media

Peace Science Digest

Peace Voice

Common Wonders (Robert Koehler) 

Stephen Zunes 

A few tips for nonviolent media literacy: It’s hard not to engage with the mainstream media as it’s EVERYWHERE, but there are some ways that we can change how we read their material and how we allow it to affect our consciousness:

  • Get a spiritual practice to get in touch with yourself and your state of mind to notice when anger, frustration, fear, greed, etc. arise, and notice when the media is trying to manipulate you to do something by arousing those drives. You can interrupt that cycle!
  • Boycott media and stories (just don’t read them) when their main purpose is to humiliate or degrade a human being. It’s not healthy to humiliate or participate in the humiliation of others.
  • Just because something is “alternative media” does not mean that it is nonviolent media. Be aware and use your discretion.
  • If you read about a problem, ask yourself to commit to researching the solutions and the solution-builders to those problems. Most wars can be stopped, for example, if we supported the nonviolent movements within those countries more than the violent factions, but it’s hard to learn about those movements. If ever you find yourself in doubt that nonviolence is happening to solve one of the world’s toughest problems, write us and we’ll point you in some fruitful directions!
  • Look for other ways of spending time besides watching TV and movies. Try to limit the amount of time you spend on media in general. Find alternative documentaries and movies that explain something about nonviolence in them.
  • Study nonviolence. We have some recommendations!