Translate our Material

Give Nonviolence a Language Boost

Since Metta Center is based in Northern California and our research is conducted in English, our information can go only so far. Many tell us that translations of our materials into their native languages would be immensely helpful. We agree!

In the immediate, we would most like to see our work translated into: French, Spanish, Farsi, Arabic, Azeri, Korean. We are always excited to have translations in any language (Michael Nagler’s book The Search for a Nonviolent Future is being translated into Finnish right now!). If you would like to translate any of our material into any language, please get in touch.


Style & Protocol Guidelines

1. First, review our website and see if you’re drawn to specific documents or web pages that you feel would be valuable to a contemporary nonviolent struggle. Then, contact us about your translating interests. Please introduce yourself and include information about your background in translation and a timeframe for your project. If you would like recommendations for short translation projects, let us know.

2. Select material particularly relevant to you. How will it create impact in your community?

3. If you translate a webpage, we will post a link to your translated page on the original page. Consider how you will share the material once it has been translated: What will you do with the translation? Could you distribute the material to any organizations? Whom might it help?

4. When translating, please stay as close as possible to the original while maintaining the spirit of the text. Be particularly careful with terminology. When in doubt, email us. We are always happy to talk through the deeper meaning of a term to help you identify the best translation.

5. Our strong preference is that you have at least one person who is a native speaker of the language of the translation look over your work in an editorial capacity. We are able to edit material sent to us in English, and we cannot check translation other than those in German or French. Ask questions to make sure the meaning and spirit of the text have come through in translation.


Needed Translations


Roadmap is our online strategy tool built for nonviolent activists. We would love to see the mandala graphic translated. While there is not a huge amount of content, translating the graphic will require back and forth between you and Metta Center, as we will want to make sure the translation fits into the mandala design.

Seven Steps of Nonviolent Resistance

Our yet-to-be published e-book runs 34 manuscript pages and 16, 000 words. While short, the book more deeply explores the methodology of Principled Nonviolence than other material on our website. It can be useful for those who find themselves in the middle of a spontaneous nonviolent movement.

The Search for a Nonviolent Future

Michael Nagler’s book has already been translated into Italian, Croatian, Korean and Arabic. Let us know if any of these translations would be of use to you. The book is approximately 300 pages long; taking on the translation of this project is not to be done lightly. Current translations in progress: Farsi, Finnish, Kurdish, Azeri.