“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” ~ Gandhi

Those who volunteer or intern with the Metta Center for Nonviolence embark on a wonderful journey into greater person power, community and purpose.


Benefit by giving your time:Charka

  • Feel good about the impact you make
  • Find a deeper purpose in your life
  • Receive training that can support your future career or service
  • Meet new people with diverse backgrounds and interests, and establish a sense of community
  • Explore nonviolence in daily life


Practice nonviolence at a deeper level, through service.

Persons in the San Francisco North Bay area are preferred but not we are open to people from all locations. If you are a student, we are willing to transform any of our volunteer positions into an internship.

If you are interested in applying for any of the volunteer positions listed below, email us a brief letter introducing yourself, your background in the relevant field and, if any, your experiences in nonviolence. Letters go to the email addresses listed for each department. Please include “Volunteer” in your email subject header.


President’s Office

Michael Nagler is the founder and president of Metta Center. He is very involved in our daily activities and projects and could use support with:

  • Peace Paradigm Radio – Nonviolence in the News: We’re always on the lookout for “hot” items about nonviolence, even just personal stories. We would like to train someone with a good background in nonviolence on what to look for.
  • Personal Assistance: Michael Nagler seeks general assistance for organizing, research and writing projects. This position is open to local volunteers only.

Email: Michael@mettacenter.org. Please Cc: info@mettacenter.org 



As Director of Communications, Kimberlyn David helps promote our mission and programs. She also serves as the editor-in-chief and creative director for Emergence, our bi-annual review of nonviolence movements and culture. Kimberlyn would love to collaborate with a:

  • Graphic Designer: The ideal volunteer has a strong sense of visual language—s/he is savvy with translating ideas into graphical stories. The graphic designer will lend creativity to our materials, including our journalism toolkit, a media literacy toolkit and possibly Emergence. Must have a working knowledge of: Adobe’s design software, digital and offset printing processes, color spaces, font pairings.
  • Media Researcher + Writer: To develop our journalism and media literacy toolkits, we first need to cultivate the right info. The research volunteer will give a major boost to our media-related projects by building a database(s) of resources. This person will be encouraged to contribute forward-looking research to our toolkits and to write guest blog posts about the importance of media in nonviolence culture. So, someone with a deep passion for media issues can have a ball with this volunteer opportunity! Must love doing online research and be comfortable working with online tools: Google Docs, DropBox, Skype, etc.

Contact: kimberlyn@mettacenter.org



Stephanie Knox Cubbon is the Director of Education. She develops new courses and programs, facilitates our Certificate in Nonviolence Studies, and creates general education-related resources like lesson plans. Stephanie could use some help in the following areas:

  • Graphic Designer: We have been wanting to develop some nonviolence-related posters for classroom use, so someone with a creative spirit would be very helpful.
  • Education Outreach: Are you outgoing by nature? Then, you can help spread our mission by connecting us with educational institutions and organizations that can use our resources or host us for a training, workshop or course.
  • Resource Development: Do you have a passion for creating lesson plans or other education-related resources? We can always use your help!
  • Insert Your Idea Here: Do you have a passion for nonviolence education? Do you have an idea for a project not listed above? Let us know!

Contact: education@mettacenter.org


Nonviolence Training

​Mica Stumpf and Peijman Kouretchian are our nonviolence trainers. They aim to teach one local training per month, develop online training resources and keep the Shanti Sena Network connected and active. Mica and Peijman could use help in the following areas:

  • ​Research: ​We always have new ideas for expanding our training. It would be of great help to us if someone could research focus areas for specialized trainings. This could include doing a literature review of materials we might use or searching for existing trainings that we could either attend or inquire about adapting their material.
  • ​Training Assistant: ​An assistant who could join our live trainings to help us with logistics and keep things running smoothly would be greatly appreciated.
  • ​Outreach: ​We are always interested in reaching new people with our trainings. If you have ideas about which organizations we should contact or a knack for making and distributing flyers and other outreach materials, let us know.
  • ​Video Production/Editing: ​We plan to create short video trainings for the web and it would be fantastic to pair up with someone who is skilled in this area.

Contact: ​mica@mettacenter.org


Office of Flow:

As Director of Flow, Soneile Hymn handles project coordination, event organizing and scheduling. She also creates our bi-weekly newsletter. Soneile could use some help with general outreach:

  • Writing: event descriptions, press releases, various promotional materials
  • Graphic Designer: for flyers, posters and other promotional materials
  • Outreach: a local partner who can help promote Metta Center events
  • Spanish Translator: translating the English language materials on our website into Spanish

Contact: soneile@mettacenter.org