Thank You for Supporting Nonviolence

“Generosity is the most natural outward expression of an inner attitude of compassion and loving-kindness.” ~ Dalai Lama XIV

Nonviolence is a lifelong practice, and it extends across all areas of life: from the institutions we support to the values we promote in what we read, eat, buy and, most especially, what we do. To this end, we want to invite you to become a member of a community of people who invest in the nonviolent alternatives in our world, and to see a donation in support of our work not as a fast transaction but as a way to enter into relationship with the good work of the Metta Center.

Your generosity sustains vital projects.

Your donations support our educational programs and outreach materials (you may want to see our brochure for an overview of our work). We appreciate any donation amount, though you can best contribute to the sustainability of our mission by becoming a regular donor (easily give any amount via our online form, which accepts all major credit cards).

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Two recent endorsements.

The 2016 national election campaign has revealed a deep and destructive division in U.S. society.  Like many progressive organizations, we are looking for ways to heal that rift.  Accordingly we’d like to share with you two letters of endorsement from a friend who shares our political orientation and another who decidedly does not — but has been a loyal supporter for years:


I feel moved by recent events to point out the often-repeated truth that crises are opportunities. During personal crises, we learn about our own fragilities and during societal crises we learn about the fragilities about the systems we live in, when we begin to feel what Dr. Martin Luther King called “the fierce urgency of now”

            The election laid bare a deep division in the fabric of our society; a division that has always been there but has come to the fore in full force. If we think about society as an orchestration between the rules and policies put forth by central government and the acceptance and cooperation with these rules and policies by the people, it becomes immediately clear that we the people are endowed with enormous powers and responsibilities. To be effective as a citizenry we must start by healing our divisions and forming a more cohesive society of friends and neighbors. Only then will we be able to withstand four years of a central government that is hostile to human wellbeing and the planet and decide our own destiny as a people. If we can create a more cohesive society and act nonviolently as a people, we can do even more once the government is under the control of reasonable people again.

            The Metta Center has been developing a method, first lived by Mahatma Gandhi, that is critical for a more united, cohesive society, and I would urge that you join me in supporting them. Let us now, in these times of political shock and awe, put our resources of time and money to work, and not waste this precious opportunity of crisis!

~ Johannes, Berkeley

   I’ve known Michael since he contributed an essay to a book I put together some years ago. He and the Metta Center are genuine seekers of nonviolence and followers of Gandhi.

   I’ve been a Republican since President Ronald Reagan. I became an avid supporter of now President-Elect Trump and engaged in a very successful Twitter campaign for him.

   I’ve written that my heroes in modern history are President Ronald Reagan and Gandhi. Each accomplished gigantic things, essentially nonviolently. Peace through strength is one way; peace through Gandhi and the Metta Center methods is another. I support both avenues, and that’s why I recently increased my monthly contribution to Metta. I hope you’ll consider supporting them as well.

~ John, New Orleans


Sustaining donor benefits:

Initiator: $10/month ($120/year)

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Peacemaker: $30/month ($360/year)

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Satyagrahi: $50/month ($600/year)

To honor your gracious support, we will send you the Peacemaker benefits, and we will list your name on a special Thank You page in an upcoming issue of Nonviolence.






Mahatma: $100/month ($1200/year)

Thank you for helping us make a huge difference! You will receive the previously mentioned benefits, plus our Executive Director will personally select a memorable bonus surprise for you.





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