Sophie Scholl: The Final Days

Sophie Scholl

spacerSophie Scholl: The Final Days is the moving portrait of one of the few heroines in German history. The film depicts the last six days (17-22 February 1943) in the life of Sophie Scholl from her own perspective: that of a courageous and vibrant young woman who is willing to face death for her belief in the ideals of the White Rose. Through their resistance and protest against the Nazi regime, Sophie Scholl and her fellow members of the White Rose resistance group have become synonymous with civil courage and a peaceful struggle against the rule of violence and oppression.
Although the film follows the historical facts as closely and faithfully as possible (using the original interrogation records), it has been written and directed as a feature film. Taking a sensitive and refreshingly open-minded view of history, young director Marc Rothemund re-awakens the now virtually mythical, iconic figure of Sophie Scholl. Not rated, in German with subtitles. (from