A Force More Powerful

A Force More PowerfulspacerA Force More Powerful: A Century Of Nonviolent Conflict, a riveting three-hour documentary tells one of humanity’s most important and least understood stories – how, during a century of extreme violence, millions chose to battle brutality and oppression with nonviolent weapons – and won.

A Force More Powerful uses stunning archival footage to present six stories of successful nonviolent movements around the world. Each includes interviews with witnesses, survivors and unsung heroes who contributed to these century-changing events. The stories include: the 1960 Nashville, Tennessee campaign to desegregate the city’s downtown business district, which was emblematic of the American civil rights movement; Mohandas Gandhi’s famous Salt March of 1930 – a turning point in the movement that paved the way for India’s independence from Britain; the consumer boycott campaign against apartheid in the black townships of the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa in the mid 1980s; the courage and endurance of Denmark’s citizens during the five-year Nazi occupation of World War II; the 1980 Gdansk Shipyard strike that launched the Solidarity movement leading to the fall of communism in Poland; and the national protest days led by Chilean copper miners in 1983, which showed that public opposition to the dictatorship of Gen. Augusto Pinochet was possible, and signaled the start of a nonviolent democratic opposition. Not rated. (Source – www.aforcemorepowerful.org)