Michael Nagler has been dreaming for decades of a powerful documentary film that weaves together the full picture of nonviolence including its science, history, theory, and practice. Local Petaluma filmmaker Lou Zweier teamed up with him, and they are creating The Journey Home: Nonviolence and Human Destiny (working title). This film will need your support to complete and this page will keep you updated on this important project.


The Journey Home (working title) tells the emerging story of nonviolence and its key role in the unfolding path of human destiny, creating a paradigm shift from a culture of competition and violence to one of cooperation, community, and justice.

With interviews from nonviolence activists, scientists, scholars, and ordinary people we are going into post-production to tell perhaps the most challenging and uplifting story of our time: the discovery of nonviolence in human nature and its vast potential to create an abundant and sustainable path for human destiny; where people from every walk of life who are working for social change shift from the violence of attacking, blaming, and punishing, to the nonviolence of reaching across differences to create understanding, heal injury, and build alternatives that serve everyone.  Several excellent films have told the stories of one nonviolent campaign or another: it is time to tell the story of nonviolence itself, and what it can offer us in this time of violence and demoralization.

Generous friends like yourself have already put in about one-quarter of our goal of $100,000, and we are opening it now to contributions at whatever level.

More soon…