Lesson 11 (Family Program)

My goal is friendship with the world and I can combine the greatest love with the greatest opposition to wrong.

Activities for Month Eleven

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Here’s a list of the activities for the month.
Find descriptions below.


Family Meeting
Gandhi Searches for Truth, Reading and Discussion (for whole family)
Reading and Discussion (for older teens and adults)
Mealtime Activity
Wisdom Tradition Passage
Nature Activity



Write about one success in applying your nonviolence recently. What happened? Who was involved? What principles did you draw from?


Family Meeting

Suggested topic for this month:

What does it mean to be a friend?

How can a family work together to build a “friendship with the whole world”? What kinds of specific actions can we take together to be as friends to the world?


Reading and Discussion with Children:

We’re on Chapter Eleven.

Talk about the mill workers and Gandhi. Why were they mad at him? Why were they afraid of him? How did he respond? What happened?

Gandhi has changed a lot over the course of his life because of his nonviolence, because of his adherence to his deepest values no matter what the circumstance, no matter what kind of behavior people offered him in return. This was not an easy path. It was a big challenge. Talk about one challenge that Gandhi confronted and what we can learn from it for our own path of nonviolence, following in his footsteps.


Reading and Discussion for Adults

Please enjoy this blog post from Michael Nagler about tips for “spiritual warriors.”



Say a prayer or make a wish for the well-being of someone with whom you have a conflict before your meal begins. Send them your love and care.


Wisdom Tradition Passage

Pick a passage that speaks to your heart this month. Share it with your family and reflect on it together throughout the month.


Activity in Nature:

Go outside and close your eyes. What do you feel? What do you hear? What happens in your heart and mind?