Lesson 10 (Month Ten)

I present a weapon not of the weak but of the brave.

Activities for Month Ten

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Here’s a list of the activities for the month.
Find descriptions below.


Family Meeting
Gandhi Searches for Truth, Reading and Discussion (for whole family)
Reading and Discussion (for older teens and adults)
Mealtime Activity
Wisdom Tradition Passage
Nature Activity


Gandhi discovered that all human beings (and all of life) form one single family. However, he also led people in massive civil disobedience. Reflect on a challenge where you have had to resist someone’s behavior while upholding the Truth that you are fundamentally united in heart, as well. There should be at least one or two examples in your life!


Family Meeting
Suggested topic for this month:
What is bravery? (The goal is to explore nonviolence, interdependence, vulnerability as forms of bravery, and to get beyond the images of physical might.)


Reading and Discussion with Children:
We’re on Chapter TEN now.

The Salt March is one of the most important events in the history of nonviolence. It was concrete (real salt); constructive (everyone was involved, and made their own salt, too); and a form of resistance (it was illegal to sell salt that belonged to them!). And it was not met with greater peace, but with a large force of violence. Yet it was through withstanding that violence, offering resistance without hitting back physically, that the satyagrahis won, even if the law itself didn’t change.

In your discussion, consider why the satyagrahis were triumphant that day; and if they were with Gandhi for the Salt March, what might they have felt, done, said? Have them tell the story as if they were there.


Reading and Discussion for Adults
Who was Badshah Khan? 


Keep a pinch of salt in a bowl on your table this month in remembrance of Gandhi and the Salt March. Tell the story to each other at meals.


Wisdom Tradition Passage
Pick a passage that speaks to your heart this month. Share it with your family and reflect on it together throughout the month.


Activity in Nature:
Gandhi did a lot of walking as a way to train himself before he took the 240 mile journey to Dandi. Go for an extended walk/ride and do some of the things that Gandhi and his friends did while on the March: sing, repeat the mantram, keep your spirit cheerful.