Science + Nonviolence: A Seminar

Well, not quite that…

We are designing a seminar on a topic that has been in my mind ever since I wrote my first book on nonviolence (1982!): science and nonviolence. 

As the late Willis Harman said,

“Science is the knowledge-validating system of our civilization,”

and that remains true even though faith in science – and civilization! – has been steadily eroded in modern culture. 

This seminar, an introduction for those not familiar with principled nonviolence and a master class for those who are, will be built on two themes: in what sense is nonviolence itself a science, as Gandhi insisted it was throughout his career, and how do the incredible discoveries of ‘new science,’ beginning with the quantum breakthroughs of the last century, help us to understand and communicate to others the nature of nonviolence and its startling effectiveness. 

            We welcome your input as we continue to develop an inspiring and highly useful offering from these ideas.