Cosmic Peaceforce: Mission Harmony 3

As vast as the infinite world beyond is the space within the Lotus of the Heart.

~Chandogya Upanishad

We’ve created a cooperative board game for adults that serves as an introduction to cooperative game models, movement strategy building, the “new story,” and last but not least, key principles in nonviolence. It also happens to be loads of fun and a creative way to build positive, empathic, and meaningful connections between diverse individuals. Welcome to The Cosmic Peaceforce: Mission Harmony 3. Stay tuned to this page for new game updates and new game support resources.

The game board is based on the Metta Center’s Roadmap

The following videos correspond to your cosmic principles and strategies card inside of the game box. Please feel free to reference these for deepening your nonviolence learning in the game.

BONUS for All Cosmic Peacekeepers:

10 COSMIC coloring and activity pages for children.

Drawings by the amazingly cosmic Sophia Giegerich with support from Cosmic Peacekeepers Tiffany and Amuna Tool.

Find out about the other awesome resources for The Third Harmony project, including a film and a book.