Cosmic Peaceforce: Mission Harmony 3

As vast as the infinite world beyond is the space within the Lotus of the Heart.

~Chandogya Upanishad

We’ve created a cooperative board game for adults that serves as an introduction to cooperative game models, movement strategy building, the “new story,” and last but not least, key principles in nonviolence. It also happens to be loads of fun and a creative way to build positive, empathic, and meaningful connections between diverse individuals. Welcome to The Cosmic Peaceforce: Mission Harmony 3.

The game board

Designed for 3-5 players, the game time runs approximately 90 minutes. Cosmic Peaceforce invites us into a whimsical and profound world at the edge of the inner and outer realms of existence, where we have a duty to work together, face down temptations and adorable, chaos-loving goats, embrace conflict as an opportunity for drawing closer together, and learn from our most bitter experiences.

Board games are no longer “just for children,” as they’ve evolved into interesting, sophisticated, and socially relevant forms of entertainment – way beyond the likes of “Life” or “Monopoly.” They are making an impactful resurgence in a world where we crave deeper experiences of community in response to the depersonalization of the digital world. Here’s an article that game co-creator Stephanie Van Hook wrote for Yes! Magazine about cooperative board games, which led to the birth of Cosmic Peaceforce.

Here’s your mission… if you choose to accept: 


You must travel across the cosmos towards the recently discovered planet, Harmony 3.  There, you will meet the Ancient One and recover a near-lost pearl of wisdom that will heal and transform our world, granting all beings freedom from fear and separateness. 

Conflict is natural. Violence is not.

The Disharmony Yuga, a galactic wave of negative forces, is freezing hearts and minds across the galaxy and it is headed directly towards us. Violence is escalating on all sides. We are calling on all members of the Cosmic Peaceforce to embark on a sacred mission to discover the root of the problem–and its most transformative solution. 

Space Lemon

With a knowledgeable spacehorse as your interstellar steed, you will face and de-escalate many conflicts along the way. Beware! The Disharmony Yuga wants to stop and discourage you at all costs. Watch out for bitter cosmic space lemons, chaos-loving galactic goats, and many sweet temptations. Are you ready?

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“Cosmic Dancer” by T REX