Third Harmony Soundtrack

Sky , the Third Harmony’s score composer, hard at work.

“What a joy!” says Jim (Sky) Schuyler, the composer who scored and recorded the music for “The Third Harmony.” His contribution to this film was a labor of love that started nearly a year ago when he saw an early cut of the film. Working with Sarah Gorsline, the film’s editor, they selected music he had written over the last few years and then collaboratively adapted and re-wrote it to fit the flow and character of each scene in the film. It ended up being almost start-to-finish music.

The music has an easy instrumental vibe with mostly piano, strings, and synthesizers. It adds motive force where needed, and flows lazily at other times. Several scenes feature cello work by Kathryn Bates of Del Sol String Quartet.

Sky says, “It was also my pleasure to be able to produce an Original Motion Picture Soundtrack album, that is now available on all the music streaming services.” The music was created at no cost to The Metta Center, and anyone who streams or purchases the album online is contributing by supporting independent music creation and distribution.

Find the soundtrack at the Third Harmony’s Official Website.

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