Summer 2009 Metta Mentors Program

First, watch this one minute video about a certain kind of power….

What is this power? Some call it love in action; Kenneth Boulding, a peace scholar and activist, called it integrative power. By whatever name, this is the power employed in nonviolence – that when applied to social change can awaken the conscience of an entire people, gain civil rights for an oppressed minority, free a nation from imperialist rule. Through the Metta Mentors program we hope to offer a transformative experience to young aspiring change-makers and equip them with the most powerful force, the weapon of the brave: nonviolence.


What it is
The Metta Mentors program is a 10-week, paid mentorship in Berkeley, California that:

1) pairs students of nonviolence with local partner organizations for practical, social change work, while

2) offering regular guidance from Metta in order to help participants learn about the principles of nonviolence and its effective application to social change work as well as daily life.

In short, Metta Mentors is an immersion program in applied nonviolence.


How it is run
Four days a week, participants will work with a local social change organization to address specific issues such as militarism, youth empowerment, homelessness, literacy, immigrant rights, environmental sustainability, etc. Every Friday mentees will come together under the guidance of the Metta Center to participate in forums and workshops that explore how to integrate nonviolence into social change work and daily life. Mornings will be geared towards reflection and facilitated discussion of the mentees’ experiences from the past week. Friday afternoons will offer workshops, speakers, and seminars on various topics such as community-based leadership, nonviolent communication, power and privilege, social movement formation, etc. These Friday gatherings offer participants the opportunity to democratically guide their own learning and efforts.

By participating in the program, Mentees will…

…embody the spirit of praxis, reflecting on principled nonviolence while acting for social change.
…be challenged to ask tough questions and live out the answers during the 10-week mentorship, and beyond.
…receive guidance and mentorship from the Metta Center for immersion in a nonviolent paradigm.
…build deep relationships with their peers and colleagues, thereby creating a community and culture of nonviolence that inspires and supports each individual to realize and activate their own potential for change.


Program Dates: Friday, June 5, 2009 – Friday, August 14, 2009
Application submission: Applications accepted until spots are filled, with a priority deadline of March 22nd
Location: Berkeley (and wider SF Bay Area), California, U.S.A.
Stipend: $2,000 per participant
Time Commitment: Program participants commit to
1) devote 40 hours each week to the mentorship program starting Friday, June 12.
2) attend an orientation retreat from Friday, June 5 – Sunday, June 7. The first days (Mon 6/8 – Thu 6/11) is an introductory period, where participants will have time to orient themselves with their partner organization, the Bay Area, and each other.
3) complete a culminating project. This project will be co-created and largely self-directed by the mentees. The last week of the program will be largely dedicated to this project.
Application: you can download the application here (also available in PDF format here)

What is the Metta Center for Nonviolence Education?
The Metta Center for Nonviolence Education exists to raise consciousness about principled nonviolence and serve as catalysts in the shift towards a nonviolent paradigm. It was established in 1982 by Prof. Michael Nagler, a world-renowned Gandhian scholar and professor emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley. Today we offer a breadth of ongoing programs to serve anyone who wishes to learn and practice nonviolence, what Gandhi called “the greatest force at the disposal of humanity.” Metta Mentors offers the most in-depth experience of our programs.

 Frequently Asked Questions
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