Pledge of Protection and Nonviolent Resistance

To ensure continued progress toward a world of peace, justice, and dignity for all, I HEREBY PLEDGE with love and determination that, for as long as required and as long as I am able, I will:

PROTECT my home, Planet Earth, by RESISTING attitudes and actions that compromise the living systems that sustain all Life;

PROTECT the social fabric of my country by RESISTING attitudes and actions that marginalize others through prejudice, scapegoating, or other forms of hatred and division;

PROTECT and strengthen the security of my country by RESISTING violence and militarization, especially in the mass media and our cultural and educational institutions; and

LEARN nonviolence principles and practice them in all available forms, constructive and obstructive, as a guiding principle in my own life and the way to resolve these issues permanently and well, for all concerned.

Would you like a copy of this pledge, to keep you inspired? We’ve created a PDF for you—just download it (and feel free to share it!).


A note from us on the above image:

The Abhaya mudra is a gesture that represents peace, protection, and the dispelling of fear, as ‘abhaya’ means fearlessness. Notice that the hand is unarmed and friendly. Resistance in its highest state offers these qualities. This gesture can be accompanied by another mudra, one of an open palm, reaching outward, signifying that while we will protect what we hold dear, we uphold a fundamental unity between us. In other words, “I am open to you as a human being.” 



“I will not cooperate with your injustice, but I am open to you as a human being.”

-the late nonviolence scholar and activist Barbara Demming on the “two hands of nonviolence.