Gandhi Searches for Truth: A Practical Biography for Children


Mahatma Gandhi was an ordinary child who sought to do something extraordinary with his life: he wanted to discover Truth. This book chronicles Gandhi’s inner and outer journey from childhood to the independence of India in twelve short stories, with beautiful watercolor and ink images of Gandhi and his family. For both children and grown-ups, these stories explore how Gandhi discovered key principles and tools of nonviolence, including concepts like “satyagraha” and “nonviolent non-cooperation.” Most importantly, it addresses how we can bring his great message in our own lives and become peacemakers at any age!

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Dear Metta Center Community,

Here’s some big news
Many of  you know that in my “spare time” I am a Montessori early childhood educator. Inspired by conversations with three to six year olds about the principles of nonviolence and the life of Mahatma Gandhi, I decided to write a book that could serve as a tool for deep conversations with kids about the power of nonviolence while giving some insight into Gandhi as a person. I wanted to show the children that the most important ideas about nonviolence that Gandhi discovered as an adult were really learned while he was still a child. What emerged was Gandhi Searches for Truth: A Practical Biography for Children. Equally exciting is that this is the first book published through Metta’s new publishing wing, Person Power Press. In short, great things are happening at Metta!

Since I created this book as a labor of love to share the message of nonviolence with children (and grown-ups), I really want all of the proceeds my book to help support the good work of the Metta Center. This means that all funds over and above printing and shipping will support Metta’s programs. (And in the course of the next year, there will be a one-year peace curriculum and parent/teacher study guide to accompany this title…)

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I am writing to ask you to become a monthly donor starting at $10/month to support Metta’s work, or if you are already a monthly donor, to consider increasing your monthly donation at this time. For anyone who can do this, we would like to thank them with a signed copy of the book from our first shipment.

Of course, not everyone is in a position to become a monthly donor or some would prefer not to have a monthly obligation, even to a wonderful organization like Metta. To that end, I hope you will consider making a one time donation that equals $10/month in celebration of the birth of this book and the work it is about to do in the world.

Finally, if you are someone in a position to become a champion of this project and help us to make this fundraiser a massive success, please write to us and let us know that you would like to help cover some of the production costs and/or initial print run, and we can schedule a time to talk about how far we made our limited funds go to create something so lovely and practical, and how you can be a part of it. You’d be a part of Metta history!

Think about how often children are exposed to violence in their media and in their lives. Way too often. We can show them the promise of something else. Let’s all come together as a community to support children in their learning about nonviolence while also giving support to great organizations like our Metta Center.

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With love and practical idealism,

Stephanie Van Hook
Executive Director & Author of Gandhi Searches for Truth

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