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An Affirmation of Peace: Podcast

April 4th, 2018 marked the 50th year since Dr. King’s assassination and so we review some material from interviews we did with Dr. Clayborne Carson, Executive Director of the MLK Research Institute at Stanford, at his home in Palo Alto, about King’s nonviolence and who he was. In part two, we bring back our interview… read more

We are the leaders we need: podcast

“We are the leaders we have been waiting for.” -Lamisa Mustafa We pass the mic of Nonviolence Radio this week to Lamisa Mustafa and Candice Fudzie, of Southern Methodist University, Dallas, to discuss the growing youth movement to challenge the culture of gun violence in America. Candice is on the organizing committee for March for… read more

April 2nd Spring Lecture: SRJC

Nonviolence and Human Destiny by Michael Nagler This will be a presentation of the “State of the Art” of nonviolence today, and its significance for the cultural, economic, and political shifts that are underway. We will consider Gandhi’s contributions to economic theory and social change, duly adjusted tomodern conditions, and place special emphasis on the… read more

Youth Organizing and Nonviolent Power

Joe Worthy is a National Organizer with the Children’s Defense Fund, an organization, which is, among other things, committed to helping youth strategize and win nonviolent campaigns, affirming that their voices and lives matter. If you are organizing in the youth community or in your school, Joe wants to be in touch. Find out more… read more

Lesson 7 (Family Program)

“The path of nonviolence requires much more courage than violence.” -Gandhi- Activities for Month Seven (Print Version Here)  Here’s a list of the activities for the month. Find descriptions below. Journal Family Meeting Gandhi Searches for Truth, Reading and Discussion (for whole family) Search for a Nonviolent Future, Reading and Discussion (for older teens and… read more

Nonviolence Tips for HS Students

In this week’s episode of Nonviolence Radio we review key dynamics and principles of nonviolence for those participating in #NeverAgain, #March4OurLives and for those supporting the US high school student movement to end gun violence. In part two of the show, we review news, resources, and events of nonviolence happening all around our beautiful world.  … read more

Workshop: Constructive Dialogue

How do we create constructive dialogue across differences that seem insurmountable? Join Lou Zweier for a workshop to learn practices and tools to connect and build empathy across personal and political divides. March 31, 1-5 PM The Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa $30 dollars suggested “love offering” Contact: Lou (@)… read more

Why choose kindness? Podcast

Christa Tinari, founder of Peace Praxis and co-author of Create a Culture of Kindness in Middle School, joins Nonviolence Radio to talk about the real meaning of kindness and some practical tools that can help us to show kindness with justice in more areas of our lives. Then, Marilyn King, two-time Olympian who has turned her vision to… read more