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Skill in Action: The Yoga of Nonviolence

Yoga is more than poses we do with our bodies to stretch. It’s more than expensive studio memberships and yoga gear. It is, as described in the classical Hindu text, The Bhagavad Gita, “skill in action,” a path to recognizing our deep interconnectedness and healing our divides. Listen to insights from Michelle C. Johnson on… read more

Call-In: Interrupting Oppression with Strategy and Heart

We all have unconscious bias and we all have work to do to become aware of, and unlearn it. It’s a life-long effort, and like any effort in nonviolence, it can be done with strategy and an open-heart toward the people involved.  For over 21 years, feminist activist and scholar Sally Eck has been leading… read more

Volunteer Spotlight: Astrid Montuclard

photo of Astrid Contuclard

How did you find the Metta Center for Nonviolence, and what inspires you about our work? I heard about the Metta Center through East Point Peace Academy in Spring 2018. Kazu Haga, its founder, advertised the Center’s 6-month online course to certified Kingian nonviolent conflict resolution students, and I jumped on the opportunity to learn… read more

Lesson 12 (Family Program)

The heart’s earnest and pure desire is always fulfilled. Activities for Month Twelve (Print Version Here)    Here’s a list of the activities for the month. Find descriptions below.   Journal Family Meeting Gandhi Searches for Truth, Reading and Discussion (for whole family) Reading and Discussion (for older teens and adults) Mealtime Activity Wisdom Tradition… read more