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Training for Post-Election Violence Scenarios

An Interview with Eli McCarthy from DC Peace Team Over the past decade there has been a quantitative growth in organized unarmed civilian protection groups and violence de-escalation trainings within the United States. As people begin to awaken to the fact that the best way to defend democracy and achieve mass-participation in a democratic struggle is… read more

Third Harmony Screenings

The Third Harmony tells the story of nonviolence, humanity’s greatest (and most overlooked) resource. “To be nonviolent is be an artist of your humanity,” says Palestinian nonviolence leader and founder of the Taygheer Movement, Ali Abu Awwad, in a new documentary about the power of nonviolence and a new vision of human nature. Drawing on… read more

What Gandhi Means to Me

I didn’t learn about Gandhi until I was in graduate school. I joined a Master’s program in Conflict Resolution at Portland State, after spending two years in the United States Peace Corps (Benin 2005-2007). Nothing in my education before then, nothing in my upbringing in the Shenandoah Valley, rural Virginia, mentioned him. When I was in… read more

We are all part of one another.

Howard Thurman in his sermons on Jesus and the Disenfranchised poses an interesting dilemma about valuing country over life. In his words:  “During times of war hatred becomes quite respectable, even though it has to masquerade often under the guise of patriotism.”  Let us not become haters of one another–haters of our shared humanity– under any guise at… read more

Peacemaker Family: Begins April 20

“We see the figure of the child who stands before us with his arms held open, beckoning humanity to follow.” ~Maria Montessori “If we are to have peace in this world, we will need to begin with the children.” ~Gandhi Dear Friends, A way to channel fear, frustration, boredom, anger and other strong emotions–as well… read more

“We are all part of one another.” Discussion

Take some time to read and reflect on the following message from the late Barbara Deming, which I came across in a book dedicated to her on the Women’s Encampment for Peace and Justice. These words contain profound lessons for nonviolence and are immediately practical. Please leave your comment and join the conversation below. What… read more

Kazu Haga on the everyday duty to practice nonviolence

Often when we think about nonviolence, we think of practical strategies and techniques: How does one organize an effective sit-in or march? What is the appropriate language to use when addressing someone with whom we are in conflict? And indeed, understanding — and practicing! — these tactics are essential. However, nonviolence goes much deeper than… read more

Paul K. Chappell on Nonviolence and Peace Literacy

This week’s episode of Nonviolence Radio brings Paul K. Chappell in conversation with Michael and Stephanie. Paul is now the Peace Literacy Director of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation and the author of the “Road to Peace” book series, but as a West Point graduate and a veteran of the war in Iraq, he is… read more