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Lessons from Afghanistan: Peace Paradigm Radio

  Our guest on Peace Paradigm Radio is Amandine Roche, writer, human rights worker, yoga teacher and founder of Amanuddin Foundation. She shares inspiration as she tells us about her journey towards nonviolence, her experience while living in Afghanistan as a peaceworker, and the importance of inner work for agents of change and peace. Finally,… read more

Season for Nonviolence 2015

Sonoma County’s Season for Nonviolence 2015 begins on Friday, January 30. The event is free and open to the public. Refreshments and entertainment will be provided, and donations are welcome. You won’t want to miss this year’s event: Peijman Kouretchian and Mica Stumpf will be leading a nonviolence training right before the Opening Ceremony, from… read more

Selma: the Film, the Facts and the Field.

by Michael Nagler and Mercedes Mack The film “Selma,” portraying the historic march for voting rights from Selma to Montgomery, AL in 1965, is a gut-wrenching experience that brings the viewer into the vehemence of the prejudice and the stunning courage of its resistors in this intense critical moment in the history of racism in… read more

Beyond Symbolism-Peace Paradigm Radio

This week’s Peace Paradigm radio was hosted by Michael Nagler, with Stephanie Van Hook calling in from the East Coast. In nonviolence in the news Michael features some news on peace education and an exciting grant from the EU for Unarmed Peacekeeping in Syria. Michael also read part of Martin Luther King’s 1967 Christmas Sermon… read more

Begin Everywhere: A Sketch of the Territory

by Janet Gray The institutional locations of peace studies programs vary widely in ways that shape how the practitioners in any particular location construct the mission and goals of their program, define what constitutes a comprehensive approach to the field for their site, and ease or constrain the program’s capacity for integrating women and gender… read more

Petaluma Peace Harvest!

Reaping Gandhi’s legacy of beloved community. September 27th – October 4th 2014 (FLYER) JOIN US! The Metta Center for Nonviolence has been at home in Petaluma for a couple years now and we’ve hosted activities of various kinds to increase public awareness around nonviolence (satyagraha). This year, in celebration of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth and and… read more

Direct Action: California March for Democracy – Podcast

In this podcast on direct action, progressive organizer & co-founder of ‪99Rise‬, Kai Newkirk (pictured above) joins us to give us a look at some of the demands, strategic thinking, influences, and goals of the 99rise California March for Democracy. They are marching 480 miles, from Los Angeles to the State Capitol in Sacramento, to… read more