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Combatants for Peace – A Reason for Hope

A Reason for Hope: There is Another Way! COMBATANTS FOR PEACE SPEAKING TOUR with Israeli Steering Committee member Galia Galili Palestinian Coordinator Mohamed Owedah plus clips from the film “Disturbing the Peace” November 8, 7-8:30 p.m. B’nai Israel Jewish Center 740 Western Avenue, Petaluma In 2006, Israeli and Palestinian former combatants, people who had taken… read more

The Community in the Forest

I spent last week visiting friends who live on a mountain in Northern California. Two years ago a massive forest fire tore through the community, burning 9 out of 10 homes. While the black skeletons of singed trees still dot the landscape, the forest’s regenerative energy fills every niche.  What I have seen is not… read more


Metta Center presents an evening with Ali Abu Awwad Ali, a Palestinian peace activist, joins us to speak about the Taghyeer (Change) Palestinian National Nonviolence Movement.  Taghyeer is dedicated to fostering Palestinian national nonviolent identity in action – through which communities, leaders, and organizations come together to address social development needs, and at the same time… read more

The Escalating (Non)Violence – Podcast

With the escalation of violence in the news and the world, another force has also been escalating: nonviolence.  In order to realize a nonviolent future, we need to continue to escalate our use of nonviolence now. How do we do that? Joining us this week on Peace Paradigm Radio is Jill Carr-Harris, an International Development… read more

Nonviolence on the House Floor – podcast

Stephanie and Michael turn a nonviolent analytical lens on the news, namely, the 25 hour sit-in staged by democrats in congress over the weekend.  How can nonviolence be used as a response to gun violence? Learn about John Lewis and hear his powerful speech from the house floor. The hosts also analyze the mainstream media’s… read more

Nonviolence in Action: Meta Peace Teams – Podcast

    Peace Teams: Bring them to your local community gathering or start one yourself with a group of dedicated friends… What is a peace team and how does it work? This week on Peace Paradigm Radio, Mary Hanna and  Peter Dougherty discuss Meta Peace Teams; how they started, what they do, and how peace teams can help in… read more

A Nonviolent Economy – Podcast

A restructuring of economic systems, from local to international, are essential to the realization of a nonviolent society. In this episode of Peace Paradigm Radio, Stephanie and Michael speak with Peter Barnes, author of  Capitalism 3.0 and With Liberty and Dividends for All: How to Save out Middle Class When Jobs Don’t Pay Enough, about why he thinks income… read more

A Nonviolent Alternative to War – Podcast

This week on Peace Paradigm Radio, we continue the conversation on the Just War Doctrine, and discuss how Nonviolent Peaceforce and activists in the Catholic Church are working (with success) to change the face of conflict as we know it. Eli McCarthy, Director of Justice and Peace for the Conference of Major Superiors of Men, and… read more

The Trump Question: Are You Listening?

Maybe, instead of rallying against Trump the man, we could connect with his supporters. And maybe that’s the only thing that will do any good. Trump seems to embody everything wrong with this country, at least in the circles I run in. He’s the American Ego run rampant, an American bogeyman. Recently, I overheard my daughter… read more

Living the Diaspora – Podcast

In this episode of Peace Paradigm Radio we have two special guests from Palestine to discuss what it means to be Palestinian, past and present. Therese Mughannam, part of North Coast Coalition for Palestine, and cultural historian Amin Kalaf join our hosts Michael Nagler and Stephanie Van Hook to talk about belonging, dispossession, personal experiences… read more