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Tipping Point: Daily Metta

“For India to enter into the race for armaments is to court suicide. With the loss of India to nonviolence the last hope of the world will be gone.” ~ Gandhi, Harijan, October 14, 1939 We would have to say that India is not altogether lost to nonviolence; that flame can be seen if not… read more

Force of Spirit: Daily Metta

“The force of the spirit is ever progressive and endless… That force resides in everybody; man, woman, and child, irrespective of the color of the skin. Only in many it lies dormant, but it is capable of being awakened by judicious training.” ~ Gandhi, Harijan, February 10, 1946 “Training” has become the watchword of the… read more

One Family: Daily Metta

“Unity among the different races and the different communities belonging to different religions of India is indispensable to the birth of national life.” ~ Gandhi, CWMG, xxvi, p. 241 Substitute different political outlooks and change “birth” to “rebirth,” and you have a perfect description of our own need today. The advance of human evolution—and the… read more

Observation & Experience: Daily Metta

“Non-violence, being the mightiest force in the world, and also the most elusive in its working, demands the greatest exercise of faith.” ~ Gandhi, Mahatma 5, p. 17 In the words of Augustine and later Fathers of the Church, credo ut intellegam, “I believe in order to understand.” This technique has been criticized as conducive… read more

Agency/Freedom: Daily Metta

“Mere withdrawal of the English is not independence. It means the consciousness and the average villager that he is the maker of his own destiny, he is his own legislator through his chosen representative.” ~ Gandhi, Young India, February 13, 1930 We are familiar by now with the key doctrine that “no man loses his… read more

Mass-media Culture: Daily Metta

“The political domination of England is bad enough. The cultural is infinitely worse.… When the cultural domination is complete the political will defy resistance.” ~ Gandhi, Young India, July 9, 1925 Recently Thomas Friedman wrote that the (disastrous) result of the 2016 presidential election in the US “has much less to do with trade or… read more

Human-centered Reality: Daily Metta

“I make bold to say that the Europeans themselves will have to remodel their outlook if they are not to perish under the weight of the comforts to which they are becoming slaves.” ~ Gandhi, Young India, October 7, 1931 As we’ve seen elsewhere, Gandhi became aware already during his trial by fire in South… read more

Money is Not Life: Daily Metta

“All have not the same capacity. It is in the nature of things, impossible.… I would allow a man of intellect to earn more, I would not cramp his talent.” ~ Gandhi, Young India, November 26, 1931 Is this inequality? Not quite. Because earning more doesn’t mean being better; money is not life. We need… read more

Evidence of Our Senses: Daily Metta

“Somehow we refuse to believe in the evidence of our senses, that we could not possibly have any attachment for the body without the soul, and we have no evidence whatever that the soul perishes with the body.” ~ Gandhi, Letter to Meera Behn, May 4, 1933, p. 148 I very much enjoy the inescapable… read more