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Utopias and the Political Imaginary

Nonviolence and utopian thinking go hand in hand, or so argues Safoora Arbab on this week’s episode of Nonviolence Radio. Utopian thinking is about what is possible, not what is impossible, she posits, and when coupled with nonviolence, we have both a roadmap and a means for achieving a more balanced and inclusive political identity.… read more

Simple Living Rooted in Nonviolent Ideals

How does the way that we live contribute to a nonviolent society? As the pace of society speeds up, fewer and fewer people are finding fulfillment in the promise of a world that is based on advancing technology, consumerism, and depersonalization. Yet there are pockets of nonviolence-oriented people around the world who are experimenting with… read more

2021 Certificate Program

“Nonviolence is the bridge between spiritual practice and social change.” ~Michael Nagler, Metta Center founder We are opening registration for our online 2021 Certificate Program in Nonviolence Studies. This year’s program will be co-taught by Michael Nagler, PhD (UC Berkeley) and Safoora Arbab, PhD (UCLA). Who is this for? This program is open to anyone… read more

Nonviolence Radio April 9, 2021

00:00 Nonviolence Radio – Hollaback! 08:59 Five D’s of Bystander Intervention 33:20 Trainings. Webinar with Michael Beer at ICNC. NV Tactics Social Media and More Tool Kit Nonviolent Tactics Database Submissions Webinar at James Lawson Institute Michael Beer – Civil Resistance Tactics of the 21st Century Gene Sharp’s 198 Methods 36:27 “Restless as Mercury” 38:04… read more

Nonviolence Manual In Burmese

Myanmar has been a recurring scene of repression and resistance, and today’s resistance is probably more organized, more courageous — and more costly than ever. This little booklet is offered in the spirit of solidarity and support to the people standing up to the military in the face of severe repression. It contains basics about… read more

Nonviolence Report April 02, 2021

00:38 Jain Studies — Teaching Peace 01:20 Greta Zarro – Organizing 101 01:53 Anniversary of “Breaking Silence” 02:29 Kazu Haga – Fierce Vulnerability 03:49 Michael Beer – Civil Resistance Tactics of the 21st Century 05:00 BLM in Birmingham 06:36 Annova LNG 07:24 Herring Protectors 08:24 Canadian fighter jet protests 09:58 Myanmar 11:43 Tulsa Massacre of… read more