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Newsletter: Black History Month 2018

In the US, we designate February as Black History Month, to commemorate and celebrate African-American achievements and contributions. It’s an opportunity to honor voices and perspectives that have often been left out or marginalized—and to go beyond the “heroes and holidays” approach to the month by learning all year. Plus: Our latest Nonviolence Radio show… read more

International Yoga Festival: March 2018

Journey to the Himalayas. Connect with Paradigm-Shifters. Discover a New You. If you find yourself seeking a spiritual adventure (not to mention some awakening), the International Yoga Festival is the place to be, from March 1 – March 7, 2018. Yoga is an ancient science that improves health in the body, increases peace in the… read more

A New Story for Changing Times: Newsletter

There are things we can’t change, but there’s always something within that framework that we can. The severe deterioration of our democratic institutions seems to have an implacable momentum, leading us to the kind of seismic cultural change known as “paradigm shift.” That we can do little about. But what we can do—and the Metta… read more

What a Satyagrahi Knows

This guest post was contributed by George Cassidy Payne, the founder of Gandhi Earth Keepers International. He is also a writer, a domestic violence counselor, and an adjunct professor of philosophy. George lives and works in Rochester, NY. You can follow him on LinkedIn. The most powerful force in the universe is not electromagnetism, gravity… read more

Following the Footsteps of Gandhi (NV Radio)

Vinoba Bhave (above) Dr. Geeta Mehta talks with Nonviolence Radio about her experiences with Vinoba Bhave, one of Gandhiji’s closest associates/students, and founder of the incredible land-gift movement. Then, Michael and Stephanie affirm the power of nonviolence with their inspiring dose of Nonviolence in the News from around the world. Play in new window… read more

Weekly Nonviolence News

  Challenging the Belief that Only Violence is Newsworthy Listen to this week’s Nonviolence in the News here.  (Transcript Available with Links) And check out the full episode of Nonviolence Radio. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS… read more