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Music for the Nonviolent Future

From the struggle for racial justice to healing the planet, a global nonviolent shift is needed more than ever. On Saturday, August 21 enjoy music from around the world to support the movement for a culture of active nonviolence free from racism, poverty, environmental destruction, and war. Register to attend Pace e Bene’s For Goodness Sake: Music… read more

The art and science of the nonviolent response

by Sonoma Valley Sun A virtual event on fostering peaceful and respectful relationships, with two authorities on non-violent resolution, will be presented by the Praxis Peace Institute on Friday, July 23, at 4.p.m. Featured speakers will be Michael Nagler and Stephanie Van Hook. Nagler is the president and founder of the Metta Center for Nonviolence… read more

Forgiveness: Its challenge and necessity

This week, Michael and Stephanie welcome Dr. Wim Laven, professor, author, board member of the International Peace Research Association and the Peace and Justice Studies Association, and Editor in Chief of Peace Chronicle magazine. Wim’s work looks at the immense power of forgiveness as well as the very real difficulties involved in the act of… read more

Utopias and the Political Imaginary

Nonviolence and utopian thinking go hand in hand, or so argues Safoora Arbab on this week’s episode of Nonviolence Radio. Utopian thinking is about what is possible, not what is impossible, she posits, and when coupled with nonviolence, we have both a roadmap and a means for achieving a more balanced and inclusive political identity.… read more

Simple Living Rooted in Nonviolent Ideals

How does the way that we live contribute to a nonviolent society? As the pace of society speeds up, fewer and fewer people are finding fulfillment in the promise of a world that is based on advancing technology, consumerism, and depersonalization. Yet there are pockets of nonviolence-oriented people around the world who are experimenting with… read more

2021 Certificate Program

“Nonviolence is the bridge between spiritual practice and social change.” ~Michael Nagler, Metta Center founder We are opening registration for our online 2021 Certificate Program in Nonviolence Studies. This year’s program will be co-taught by Michael Nagler, PhD (UC Berkeley) and Safoora Arbab, PhD (UCLA). Who is this for? This program is open to anyone… read more