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Nonviolence in the Justice System

This week, after the Nonviolence Report. Nonviolence Radio broadcasts a recording of a speech by Dr. Fania Davis, founder of Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth, a legal scholar, and a decades long activist in the civil rights anti-racial violence, anti-apartheid, Black liberation, women’s, prisoner’s, peace, socialist and anti-imperialist movements. Dr Davis talks about the power… read more

The Politics of Reparations

This week, Michael and Stephanie talk about reparations (and more) with UC Berkeley professor emeritus, Charles Henry, who is also the former president of the National Council for Black Studies and former chair of Amnesty International USA. In 2007, years ahead of his time, Professor Henry wrote a book on the issue of reparations, Long… read more

’63 Boycott Screening

On October 22, 1963, more than 250,000 students boycotted the Chicago Public Schools to protest racial segregation. Many marched through the city calling for the resignation of School Superintendent Benjamin Willis, who placed trailers, dubbed ‘Willis Wagons,’ on playgrounds and parking lots of overcrowded black schools rather than let them enroll in nearby white schools.… read more

Nonviolence Report Feb 5, 2021

Michael Nagler gives the Nonviolence Report for February 5, 2021. In this episode:00:31 President Biden ending support for the war in Yemen.01:17 10-point Plan for peace president. 1:56 The end of private prisons by the U.S. Justice Department2:23 Overturning the Muslim ban. Rejection of KXL pipeline. Rejoining of the Paris Agreement.3:54 Stephen Zunes article5:07 Truth… read more

Coup vs. Nonviolence

Stephen Zunes, professor of Politics and International Studies at University of San Francisco, joins Michael and Stephanie on this episode of Nonviolence Radio to talk about how the coup attempt on January 6 reveals some remarkable and genuinely hopeful forces growing inside our democracy. Rather than fear and outrage, Professor Zunes encourages us to take… read more

Nonviolence Skills Practice Hour

The Metta Center for Nonviolence is teaming up with Meta Peace Team for a monthly one-hour nonviolence skills practice sessions in 2021 with skills ranging across the spectrum of nonviolent intervention and personal nonviolent development. Meta Peace Team has trained and placed violence de-escalation peace teams locally, nationally, and internationally for over 25 years, and… read more

Praying from the Heart

By Annie Hewitt One of the most striking aspects of principled nonviolence is the way in which it compels us to reconsider our understanding of familiar terms and practices. For instance, our commonplace idea of what it means for something ’to work’, or for someone ‘to win’, or how to distinguish ‘ends’ from ‘means’ are… read more

Vandana Shiva ‘Neither Extinction nor escape’

“… the ecofeminist option is a third option. Neither extinction nor escape. We stay here on this earth and protect her. That is the work we’ve done. That’s the work that we are called to do, and that’s the revolutionary work of our times. We know the earth is living and all ancient cultures recognized… read more