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On Nonviolence and Coercion

Coercion is not an “either-or” issue in nonviolence. On this episode, we discuss what coercion means, how it relates to power and persuasion, its risks when drawn upon as a “first resort,” and where it fits in a strategic escalation of nonviolent action. Followed by the Nonviolence Report with Michael Nagler. Play in new… read more

The Intersection of Climate, Architecture, and Kindness: An Interview with Future Ancestor, Pete Gang

Professionally trained as a green architect, Pete Gang “aspires to be a good ancestor,” and believes that the root of our climate woes is how we think about life itself. He talks to us about how his passion for climate justice is informed by a deep commitment to nonviolence and our interrelation to the world… read more

A Network for Integral NV and Direct Action

Ever felt out of place in a so-called nonviolent action? You're not alone. This week we're joined by Morgan Curtis and Chris Moore-Backman, who are working on a nationwide "yet-to-be-named network" for nonviolent direct action at the intersection of racial healing and climate justice with an integral approach to nonviolence.… read more