Ask Metta


Dear Metta, I thought to share a news paper article with you about the *Palestine Papers*, that I think you won’t read in the US. I’m not sure if the suggestion that it’s the PA who leaked the documents is likely or true, but I do agree that: “the Palestine Papers prove that this “peace process” just allows Israel to build more settlements and grab more Palestinian land. And the papers also prove that *Israel is unlikely to make the sacrifices that Palestinians are willing to make*.”

Therefore, I personally think that negotiations should be stopped till we can see an improvement, a willingness from the Israeli side, that would encourage the Palestinians that a state is actually possible. This may be achieved with *Nonviolent resistance* to the occupation. Do you agree with me?* Should negotiations be stopped for now?* I’d be curious to read your opinions!

Love, Nina


Hi Nina,

My two cents is that there should be more nonviolence for sure, both resistant and constructive.  Probably the negotiations should be boycotted, but they’d have to be careful because the line from the Israeli side is “see, they won’t negotiate.”  There’s a chance that lie can be broken through now.
— Michael Nagler