Apply for a Fellowship

Fellowships are generally offered to those who have completed our Certificate in Nonviolence Studies or who are deeply familiar with our programs and resources. Many fellows apply to work on specific Metta Center projects.

While we are open to new ideas, we would love to find a fellow with a scientific background who can help research and develop a web resource for the science of nonviolence.

Past fellow projects have included:

  • a two-day nonviolence/unarmed peacekeeping training to share nationwide
  • photojournalist stories of forgiveness and atonement
  • research on the overlap between the wisdom traditions and modern science
  • a nonviolence curriculum for high school teachers
  • developing Metta Center’s Certificate in Nonviolence Studies program
  • collaborating on building Roadmap with Michael Nagler
  • translating our website materials into Spanish

Applicants are invited to email a letter of inquiry to our executive director, Stephanie Van Hook, detailing their topic of interest and involvement in Metta’s activities and use of Metta’s materials.


Citizen & Photojournalism Fellowship: Asia & Africa

Metta Center offers five fellowships in the form of travel stipends of $100 a piece to citizen journalists and photojournalists based in Asia and Africa.

The journalism work of our fellows will be featured and promoted in our own media: Emergence, our bi-annual review of nonviolence culture and movements around the world; and Peace Paradigm Radio, a bi-weekly show that includes nonviolence news and interviews with nonviolence practitioners and movement builders.

Fellowship applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

To apply, email a letter of interest to our executive director, Stephanie Van Hook. Please explain your background in journalism and state how your work will help people better understand nonviolence.