Youth Violence Prevention Series

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The Power Within–Reaching Our Highest Potential Through the Practice of Nonviolence

a workbook and video series for high-school educators and students

with Metta World Peace

developed by the Metta Center for Nonviolence in collaboration with XCEL University




  “Nonviolence takes courage.”

-Metta World Peace


A Workbook and Video Series

Power within

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Workbook design by Lynda Banks 



The Metta Center for Nonviolence talks with XCEL University founder, Metta World Peace, where he shares his own personal discovery of nonviolence, discusses his commitment to education, and talks about how we can bring nonviolence into our community and daily life.

Each video includes a topic slide, a brief talk by Metta World Peace, and a quote. Lots of milage for classroom discussion!

Video series link here, also embedded below for quick review.


Defining nonviolence

Why is nonviolence important to you?

Healthy bodies and healthy lifestyles

Strategies for our higher vision

Why is concentration important to you?

Concentration to reach our goals

Improving our relationships

Finding support

Transforming the competitive drive to do good

Striving to do our best

Nonviolence as a personal struggle

Understanding Anger

How has a mentor influenced your life?

What are you thankful for?

What is your vision for a nonviolent world?





A sample curriculum to meet national educational standards with this material here:  The Power Within Teacher’s Guide.

A series of lesson plans to accompany the videos (can be used with or without the workbook): The Power Within Video Lesson Plans

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