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NEW: Peace Paradigm Radio is now called Nonviolence Radio.

Hosted by the Metta Center's Stephanie Van Hook and Michael Nagler, our bi-weekly show airs every other Friday at 1 pm PST, broadcasting live from community radio station KWMR, at 90.5 Point Reyes and 89.9 Bolinas, CA.

Nonviolence Radio is a 60-minute program featuring news about nonviolence culture and movements around the world. The show also includes inspiring interviews with nonviolence practitioners, activists and movement-builders. Like the show's Facebook page.

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The Philosophy and Activism of Gandhi – Podcast

Happy 147th birthday, Mahatma Gandhi! Dr. Veena Howard, author of Gandhi’s Ascetic Activism: Renunciation and Social Action, among other works, and assistant professor of Religious Studies at California State University, Fresno, joins us to celebrate Gandhi’s birthday. Who was Gandhi? We speak about Gandhi’s philosophies, experiments, and activism in depth. How does renunciation, including brahmacharya (celibacy vow)… read more

Taking a Stand at Standing Rock – Podcast

Chief Phil Lane joins Peace Paradigm Radio for an amazing interview about the history, significance, and current events at Standing Rock, and the construction of the Dakota Access Pipe Line. Chief Lane is a member of the Ihanktonwan Dakota and Chickasaw Nations, and is the founder of the Four Worlds International Institute. What is so… read more

Making the World Safer – Podcast

In a world full of nuclear weapons and nuclear energy, how can we be more safe? Joining our hosts Michael Nagler and Stephanie Van Hook is the amazing Alice Slater, the New York Director of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. She also serves on the Coordinating Committee of World Beyond War. Did you know that the… read more

Nonviolence in the News – Podcast

Michael Nagler and Stephanie Van Hook host this in-depth episode of Nonviolence in the News. Not only will you get the nonviolence news that the corporate media can’t seem to fathom, but also great nonviolence analysis and storytelling! What is going on with the Bernie Sanders movement? How is the movement for racial justice moving forward?… read more

From the RNC to the DNC and BEYOND – Podcast

This week on Peace Paradigm Radio we delve into the realm of US national politics. First we speak with Elliott Adams, of Meta Peace Team, about his trip to the RNC. Conflict is normal and even healthy, but violence is not. Hear Elliott tell us why he was at the RNC (Republican National Convention) and… read more

Gandhi as a Spiritual Force – Podcast

    We are in for a treat this week on Peace Paradigm Radio, in which we feature Michael’s talk, Gandhi as a Spiritual Force, which was featured at the  Vedanta Retreat in Marin County, California this spring. Vedanta is one of the oldest living religions of the world. It affirms that all religions lead to the… read more

The Escalating (Non)Violence – Podcast

With the escalation of violence in the news and the world, another force has also been escalating: nonviolence.  In order to realize a nonviolent future, we need to continue to escalate our use of nonviolence now. How do we do that? Joining us this week on Peace Paradigm Radio is Jill Carr-Harris, an International Development… read more

Nonviolence on the House Floor – podcast

Stephanie and Michael turn a nonviolent analytical lens on the news, namely, the 25 hour sit-in staged by democrats in congress over the weekend.  How can nonviolence be used as a response to gun violence? Learn about John Lewis and hear his powerful speech from the house floor. The hosts also analyze the mainstream media’s… read more