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“Hugging Meditation”–Daily Metta

May 16: “Perfection in love or non-possession will remain unattainable ideal as long as we are alive, but towards which we must ceaselessly strive.”  –Gandhi (My Religion 1935, p. 412)    Gandhi always wanted to bring together the best of the East and the West as he developed his nonviolence. Vietnamese monk, spiritual activist Thich… read more

“Food as Medicine”–Daily Metta

April 25 “Food has to be taken as we take medicine.” –Gandhi (Yervada Mandir, p. 11) Before the pharmaceutical cooptation of our health; before the patenting of seed, and pesticides and packaging stale foods; before making it illegal to feed those without homes, there was food itself–fresh and alive. When Gandhi talks about food as medicine, he’s… read more