Roadmap: 4 week introductory course with Michael Nagler

How many times have you heard someone say, where do we go from here? ROADMAP  just might be an answer. Roadmap is a strategic plan drawing on Gandhian principles for long-term nonviolent transformation with the potential to unite all of our various projects and passions without sacrificing their individuality.  The goal is to effect a transition from spontaneous protest to unstoppable movement.  It will draw upon our individual capacities for constructive and, where necessary, direct resistant action and reinforce the unity-in-diversity of the awakening consciousness around social change. “We all belong here.”

So, are you ready to build strategy for a long-term nonviolent movement? In celebration of the launch of the Roadmap project in the front-inside cover of Tikkun magazine, the Metta Center is offering a free 4-week introductory course on nonviolence and the Roadmap with Michael Nagler on February 16, February 23, March 2 and March 9. 

Registrants will meet in a teleconference setting 2 hours per week (Saturday 11 am PST or 2 pm EST)with Michael Nagler and will spend the week integrating the ideas presented in each session, bringing new questions and insights into subsequent sessions.

The course is structured as follows:

Session 1 (February 16): Introduction to Nonviolence

Session 2 (February 23): Introduction to the Roadmap (emphasis on key sectors and main resources)

Session 3 (March 2): The “Story of Belonging” and how this “new story” underlies the principle work of the Roadmap

Session 4 (March 9): Strategy session for movement organizing, question and answers and group discussion. 

Sessions will be recorded.

To register, please fill out the following form and we will contact you shortly with the call-in number for the sessions.

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15 Comments on "Roadmap: 4 week introductory course with Michael Nagler"

Laura Hirshfield
July 30, 2013

Hello! I am a HS English teacher and coordinator of a program where teachers visit India to study nonviolence. I am very interested in this course, but only discovered it now. Will it be offered in 2013-2014? So many thanks for your important work!

Jacob Bauer
March 8, 2013

Just found out about this! Will the videos be posted?


Yes, they are posted in a format where you can download them and watch them on your computer.

Liesel M
February 24, 2013

I just found out about this – and hoping I can connect in some way – or at least listen to the recorded sessions. I’m wanting to do my PhD on nonviolence – and interested in any information or education which is offered on the topic!

February 14, 2013

I am very concerned about the predominant use of violence to solve problems in this country and around the world.

Susan M. Sulc
February 4, 2013

Thank you for doing this. I am looking forward to participating.
I will give it some thought and forward some questions to you later.