The Science of Nonviolence

What science tells us today about human nature is thoroughly compatible with the worldview we have articulated. There is no conflict whatever between the methodology and findings of science and the higher image of the human being in which nonviolence is a defining potential.  Science at its best entails a rigorous approach to observation and the testing of hypotheses. The science of nonviolence is no exception. While science in the West has been practiced as mainly an observation of the outside world, the science of nonviolence must embrace an internal component as well. Gandhi, for whom nonviolence was entirely a science, was thoroughly convinced that there are laws of spiritual behavior just as rigorous, reliable and predictable as the laws that govern the material world. On this page you will find some of the latest findings of many relevant fields of science.

A new look at “people power.”

In this wonderful TED talk, Bonnie Bassler (professor of Microbiology at Princeton) enthusiastically tells us that we are human beings, but 99 % bacteria! As she explains the awesome ways that bacteria communicate and work together toward a common goal, one cannot but help to extrapolate notions of how we have inherited the power of… read more