The Science of Nonviolence

What science tells us today about human nature is thoroughly compatible with the worldview we have articulated. There is no conflict whatever between the methodology and findings of science and the higher image of the human being in which nonviolence is a defining potential.  Science at its best entails a rigorous approach to observation and the testing of hypotheses. The science of nonviolence is no exception. While science in the West has been practiced as mainly an observation of the outside world, the science of nonviolence must embrace an internal component as well. Gandhi, for whom nonviolence was entirely a science, was thoroughly convinced that there are laws of spiritual behavior just as rigorous, reliable and predictable as the laws that govern the material world. On this page you will find some of the latest findings of many relevant fields of science.

“Returning Home to Ourselves”–Daily Metta

April 12 “The world today is moving towards the ideal of collective or co-operative effort in every department of life.” -Gandhi (Harijan, 2-5-1942, p. 39) Through her study of the microbial universe, evolution biologist and futurist Elisabet Sahtouris can speak to the human condition from a rather penetrating angle. Life, she maintains, has been discovering… read more

Nonviolence and the New Story: Daring to Explore the World Within Webinar

This webinar features a presentation and conversation with Professor Michael Nagler on “Nonviolence and the New Story: Daring to Explore the World Within,” which was originally given as a TEDx talk in Fremont, CA. The 30-minute presentation is followed by Q&A with participants in the Metta Center Certificate in Nonviolence Studies program (total running time 1:03).… read more

The Nonviolent Principles of Nature

[FROM CAL PEACE POWER MAGAZINE: VOLUME 3, ISSUE 1, SPRING 2007) The Nonviolent Principles of Nature By Scott Riley Printable Version: Download as PDF   Click to Enlarge   The dominant human culture is currently organized around a “realist” worldview. This paradigm describes the universe as a collection of disconnected entities that share nothing intrinsically in common.… read more

Feeding our minds nourishing media- Francis Moore Lappe

We have been recommending to people who want to dedicate themselves to finding nonviolent solutions to begin by boycotting the mass media. We say this because we believe what we put into our minds matters. Images that degrade the human image and suggest that fulfillment comes from corporate capitalist consumption occupy the airwaves, billboards and… read more

Moral behavior in animals–Frans de Waal

At the Metta Center one of our favorite scientists is, without a doubt, Prof. Frans de Waal. In the short video in this post, he offers some preliminary evidence to make the case for “morality from below,” that is, human beings have not “invented” justice, fairness, cooperation and forgiveness as ideas and concepts, rather, they… read more

The Science of Love

In the following article from the Aeon Magazine, Barbara Frederickson explores some of evidence maintaining that love benefits us as a species and that we can increase our capacity for love through meditation. Of interest is what she terms ‘calm and connect,’ a response sometimes also heard referred to as ‘tend and befriend’ which is… read more

Could the Sea Be Conscious?

The deeper science peers into the universe, whether it be the remotest reaches of space or the sea’s depths the more we must marvel at the intricate, subtle, and marvelous texture of reality.  This study confirms for us once again that cooperation has been and remains a far more potent factor in life and evolution… read more

The How of Happiness: A “Rap” video…

This interesting video on explores strategies for cultivating lasting happiness. We’d add a few more points: 1. Unplug from the mass media and engage in practices for unlearning oppression 2. Learn everything you can about nonviolence 3. Get personal and “practice personhood” 4. Get involved in the issue you are passionate about. Thanks to Jeff… read more