Go Forward Gently: Newsletter

Clarity, Not Confusion The speed with which things are moving in opposite directions today is exciting—if not scary! And it’s worldwide: Finland just moved to the right and France to the left, mirroring internal trends in US politics. It shows that people are seriously confused about the state of the world and the forces that… read more

Grateful for Beloved Community: Newsletter

Nonviolence, Not Arms Deals At the Metta Center, we do not try to justify nonviolence as a tool to “get what we want” alone; we look at it through the lens of a new culture altogether: exploring the space where science, wisdom, history, spirituality, and human (and animal) psychology intersect. It’s thrilling—there’s so much to… read more

We All Belong: Newsletter

Here’s to Lifelong Learning News: Our annual Certificate in Nonviolence Studies program, an in-depth exploration of the theory and practice of nonviolence, started this week. We’re immensely inspired by the group of participants, who come from all corners of the globe—and who are deeply committed to learning about nonviolence. This week’s newsletter includes all kinds… read more

Democracy & Our Human Image: Newsletter

For a Revolutionary Approach We want to stop the slide toward autocratic rule, in the United States and anywhere. As many nonviolence theorists believe, that can only be done by an ambitious drive toward much greater democracy than we knew before. It is not a remedial but a revolutionary approach that’s called for now. And… read more

Sobering Moments & Opportunities: Newsletter

Imagining a New Future In this edition of our bi-weekly newsletter, Metta Center board member Anna Ikeda writes about attending the UN conference to negotiate a treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons. She reflects on a very sobering moment at the conference—one that she says provides us with a clear opportunity to discern what real peace… read more

For Community: Newsletter

Community Will Carry Us Through People who’ve never been active before are now engaging in activism, and many long-time activists are “amping it up.” As we become more active and engaged in response to the times, there’s a real risk for burnout and frustration, especially if things don’t happen as fast as we’d like them… read more